GMNews Prize Winner – August 08

Congratulations to Caniac who is this month’s (August) prize winner!

With over fourty six points earned from GMNews comments and email news tips and many previous contributions, Caniac is definitely diserving of a prize.

Thanks to everyone else who contributed, with a special mention to Elmernite who also won last month’s prize.

Caniac has choice of one of the approximately 30 prizes listed on the “Prizes” page or the choice of the ‘special prize’ specifically requested by Caniac at an earlier time.

Everyone else, you’ve also done a great job. Stay tuned for more news and and chances to win the September prize. Note that after september we will be doing a cost analysis check to see whether we can continue to pay for prizes without any sponsors. If you can, please contribute a small donation to help pay for the prizes (see the About page).

4 Responses

  1. Congrats Caniac! I knew you would pull through!
    46 points though? That was an easy win, come on you did 64 last month! (Just kidding!)

    Best of luck to everyone this month!


  2. Congrats also Caniac! Looks like the prizes a rolling out the door…


  3. whooo!

    I have waited days to find this out…
    I was camping… and there was no internet access…
    I just walked in the door… wow. that was soo hard…
    I have been dreaming every night that I was on the computer… and I missed coming here and the gmc every day…

    thanks scorptek 🙂

  4. oh– I forgot to add, rock-on scorptek!…

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