Elmernite’s Prize & YYG Glog

Elmernite, last month’s GMNews contribution prize winner, has been kind enough to send as a video of the prize he won. The USB PC Controller has two analogue tumbsticks, a 4 way directional pad, 10 numbered buttons and force feedback/rumble support.

Also in the news, YoYo Games has announced the upcoming competition 04 theme on their Glog. The chosen theme, ‘Save The Planet’ has attacted quite a bit of interest and users are already coming up with ideas and plans for their game submissions.

The Glog has had no shortage of updates lately, yet another post revealed that the YoYo Games website receives over a quarter million posts a day. Despite this milestone, the YYG staff are encouraging people to market the site and recommend it to friends.

4 Responses

  1. Yup, already tried out Yomamamama’s, An Untitled Story, with the controller! Worked like a charm!
    Now I can reinstall and play Rogue Squadron again and re-live my Fleet Admiral status! (Gold of every level, hardest thing I have ever done game wise! I still have the save file)

    Like I said in the vid, “Rock on GMNews!” I always check here. I hope it continues to get better and better.


  2. congrats again Elmernite!

    good luck next month 😆
    @Scortek, you should check your e-mail…

  3. See ya… I will be camping till friday…

    (you can delete tis after you read it…)

  4. Thats pretty cool! congrats again.

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