Glog – Competition 03, Softwrap?

The previously inactive and almost dead official Glog has suddenly become the cool place to hang-out with updates and new posts nearly every week. Just three days ago Mark Overmars posted an article explaining methods of using Cyrillic characters and Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese fonts and symbols.

Today however, the Glog post announces the completion of the third YoYo Games competition. The competition, with a theme of ‘co-operation’ had more submissions than any of the previous two competitions held by the company. It’s now up to the site’s users to play and evaluate the 285 participating games to help determine the winner.

The announcement for Competition 04 is expected shortly although it is ot clear when, nor is it clear when the judging for the current competition will be finished.

As something completely separate to the Glog, we are conducting a small survey to evaluate the Softwrap registration system used in Game Maker and to gauge whether users are satisfied or dissatisfied with the system. Please discuss and indicate if your experience was positive or negative and if negative were you able to receive technical support or did you have to resort to other methods for registering your software.

ANYone who links to ANY site containing information about obtaining Game Maker ‘Pro’ without using the official Softwrap registration system will be banned from making future comments on GMNews.

19 Responses

  1. Me and my friend have had numerous problems related to Softwrap thinking I’ve used all my licenses, when we only installed it once or twice.


  2. I legally bought game maker REgistered edition, and got a 5 and 6 key, then when 7 came out I upgraded my key, no problemo. and when I got a new computer, I contaced the help desk, and (I wonder why) no questions asked, they gave me a new key,
    so I think that I have 4 licences left!
    not that I would be dishonest enough to use it on six computers, but… they gave me a nother key, and
    for some odd reason they didn’t ask me to verify that I allready had one… BUT
    PLEASE don’t try to cheat and get oine this way, and if this offefnded the author of this blog, please don’t ban me…

  3. I had some problems with reinstalling GM, but I found a politely worded, mature email sent to their support wing will generally fix the problem in a few days.


  4. I found that I could upgrade easily the first time, but then I had to format my hard drive and tried to reinstall GM7 Pro. When I went to activate it, I was informed that my new GM7 key was invalid… I contacted help. Twice. No response whatsoever. After that I decided to just stick to GM6 Reg, and have been using converters ever since to open GM7 examples and make my games Vista compatible if need be.

  5. The new updates have been awesome! Let’s hope they continue. Anyone have any guesses as to what the Fourth comp will be?

    I’ve never had a problem with the softwrap myself, but I’ve never tried to re-registered GM7 which is when most of the problems seem to come in. No, take that back, I have re-registered GM7, no problems.

  6. well, lets see,

    when they announced the 3rd competition, the 2nd had only finished a few days earlyier…

  7. I’ve had no problems whatsoever from the Softwrap DRM. I upgraded my GM6 key and registered Pro with no problem. I reformatted my system and re-used the GM7 key with no issues. I’ve never had GM revert to Lite on me.

  8. for me,

    once on an old old computer…
    I opened GM, it didn’t come up, so I did it again, and again and again…
    and it opened about 7 times, and a few of the seven were lit, and the others were pro… I closed them and it worked fine…


  9. You are trying to get a general idea about how the registration system is effecting users? To do that you specifically ask for negative replies only? Won’t that give you a highly biased and meaningless idea of the situation rather then a general overview?
    It already seems that negative people tend to be more vocal while positive people mostly ignore the lot and just mind there own business. I must certainly hope that you do plan to do some actual research before concluding Software is evil (or anything else for that matter) because 100% of half a dozen people said so.

    I am happily using Game Maker 7 legally without any issues by the way. And from my experience running many different websites, masterclasses and guiding schools most users are just happily using Game Maker without problems.

  10. @ Simon Donkers – Very good point about them only wanting negative replies. I bought GM, got my key and activated within about 5 minutes. I reformatted my pc once and entered in my code again and it works fine. I’ve never had a single problem with Softwarp.

  11. Neither have I…
    I am happy using the legal version, and don’t want any trouble with them…

  12. “It’s now up to the site’s users to play and rate the 285 participating games here to help determine the winner.”
    Um, no. The Glog specifically says:
    “…we do not take the rating into account when determining the winners.”

    Anyway, the only problem I had with Softwrap was that it was a little unclear what to do to upgrade my key when 7.0 first came out. Once I figured out what I was meant to do, I had no problems whatsoever.

  13. …some interesting comments here…we made a “secret” change at Softwrap last week that will mean fewer problems…but some of the issues just won’t disappear completely. We have never gotten to the bottom of the “reverting to lite” situation…it’s most likely something that we do in Game Maker and not necessarily a bug at Softwrap. The change we made last week will help this but won’t solve it.

    New competition theme has been agreed at YYG and will be announced shortly.

  14. thats great!
    Thanks Mr. Sandy 🙂
    can’t wait to see the results and the next competition… I wanted to participate in this one but I could not think of a good theme…

  15. Look forward to the new theme and everything! Maybe I’ll enter this comp.

  16. yes, I am definantly entering this competition…
    I can’t wait to see what the deadline is. I’vfe allready startedmy game, and am deciding what it will be about…

  17. Softwrap is terrible. They gave me an invalid key and now they ignore all my e-mails. If I don’t get a refund or an apology soon, I will report them to IC3.

  18. Same thing happened to me monkey. I’m still waiting a valid key. How long have you waited?

  19. GOOD FOR YOU! report them! make them suffer 🙂

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