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The YoYo Games glog has been updated again, this time with a post from Mark Overmars. The post informs users of a change in the wiki engine used on the YoYo Games site, and encourages everyone to help contribute and make the wiki a great resource for Game Maker users.

There was also mention of a ‘bug’ that was fixed that prevented multiple games being uploaded in a single day. Before now this would result in games getting stuck in a virus scanning queue that never got completed.

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you guys with the latest GMC stats.

There are now almost 1.8 Million individual posts on the board.
The board has nearly 70,000 members now to make those 1.8 Million posts.
The user with the most posts is ragarnak, who’s made 13, 425 different posts.
50 percent of those 13,425 posts are in the Novice Q&A forum
poetkathi, a global moderator, has been the least active recently with the last activity being on February 9.
Rithiur and Shaltif moderate 12 forums, more than any other local moderator.

And quite amazingly, there are over 65 new users who register each day on the GMC on average!

8 Responses

  1. Did poethaki get hit by a bus or something? 😛

  2. Possibly. 😛


  3. What about Alf-fly? Not active since 16th July 2007.


  4. @Timoi,

    I think that they mean least active mod…
    wow… I didn’t know that ragnark had THAT many posts…

    there are also a lot of members that havn’t sgned on scence 2005 or 04… or the day they joined…

    as for the yoyo wiki, I never bothered with that. I have
    the gmc at my fingertips, and that is a MUCH better
    ‘wiki’ than wikipedia…


  5. @Caniac: Alf-Fly is a global mod… I’ve never even heard of him though…


  6. ahh… yeah, I don’t understand why they let mods be so inactive… even I could do a better job being active…
    oh well, also, the glog was updated again!!!!!!!!
    this is jawdropping! 3 updates in under 1 week!


  7. 3 updates in under a week?! Let’s hope they keep this up!!


  8. yeah, I know… I am very surprised that this happened…
    and as they will be updating in a few days for the competitoin they might set a record…


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