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The YoYo Games Glog received an official update today. Boasting an updated version of WordPress, the blog will open up to a broader range of topics including those previously reserved for Mark Overmars’ (no longer in use) personal blog.

Records of user registrations have been wiped clean, so all users will have to re-register for posting however for the time being users can post after having their comment approved by a moderator of the glog.

Gm Weekly is a new Game Maker magazine start-up which promises hopes to release a new edition every Friday of each week. The magazine is more like a small newsletter, with only 2 1/2 pages of content, it is no wonder DPoole, the author, is able to keep up with the weekly schedule. This first issue contains various recent GM news items as well as a small tutorial on creating a simple ‘pause game’ function. The publication has mixed reviews, but for a first release – who’s complaining?

GmMkr, a user on the YoYo Games forums, has posted a topic called ‘Josh’s Amazing Codes‘ which essentially is a challenge for Game Makers to decipher an encrypted string of characters. The prize is not too note-worthy, but I know a lot of Game Makers who enjoy a good thinking challenge, and I thought I might pass it on.

P.S. Josh has rated his puzzle with a difficulty of ‘EVIL’, so be warned 😉


7 Responses

  1. I think that I like not having to register at the yoyo glog, but don’t want people to be able to post in my name, so I guess I will re register WHEN THEY PUT A REGISTER KLINK BACK ON THE SITE…
    I tried to register, no link… gee. wonder why???

    …NOT… 😆

    as for the magazene, I think that is a little bit too ambitious, I ting that even once every 2 weeks is pushing it… but if they want to spend their time updating it, its their trime, not mine…

    is ‘DPoole’ related to you in any way?


  2. Cool stuff, I need to download the weekly mag, once I heard how short it was and the fact that it is mostly about news… I don’t need a Magazine to keep me up to date with news.

    I need to look into Josh’s Amazing Codes.

  3. @YYG Goes down on it’s users + A new theory on the true identities of Arrow-Head and Spazz « the AKHLog V4,

    what is that supposed to mean?

    I looked at a little of the magazine, it wasn’t that good, it was average… but worth reading…

    as for Joshes amazing codes…
    it isn’t gml, it is a bunch of random charectors, and he expects people to decode them…
    and half of the charectors are not supposed to be there and were adedd to throw you off… I didn’t even try to read it…


  4. @Caniac, when a comment looks something like this:

    […] blah blah blah […]

    It means that another blog/website linked to this GMNews article. The text between the brackets indicates part of the text that was quoted from or references GMNews.

    And the section of the post that usually contains the name is replaced by the title of the post on the blog that is quoting this article. You can click the title of the post to see that user’s blog.

    This type of a blog linking is done automatically. You will also see it happen on other blogs such as the YoYo Games glog.

    P.S. I have no relation to D Poole, and remember.. Poole could just be an alias I use online to avoid people tracking me down in the real world.

  5. ahhhh, now I get it. thanks. I also saw one of those on the yoyo glog…

    true, actually, Caniac is not my name, but when I registered at the GMC, the best desision in my life,
    I could not think up a good username, as I didn’t
    want to put in all my personal info as a name…

    and I figured, that as I am a Caniac, that would be a
    good name… I am tired of explaining my name,
    so try googling it before you ask…


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