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On the 20th of June this year, I sent a support ticket into the YoYo Games help desk. I labelled it URGENT priority. The ‘support’ ticket was actually concerning the Firefox Instant Play plug-in and its incompatibility with version 3 of the browser. Included in the support tick I attached a modified version of the plug-in that was compatible with the browser.

Until today I have not heard a word from the support staff, and figured my support to them was falling on deaf ears. But surprisingly I got an e-mail today from the support desk, almost two months later to say this:

Hi Benjamin

Apologies for not contacting you sooner – there i now an official fix as you are already probably aware of.

YoYo Admin

So while I am disappointed with the service I received and the ridiculous response time (especially for something marked URGENT); I will give them credit for eventually reading and responding to my support ticket. At least this is a step in the right direction, until now I had no hope for ever getting a response from the desk, no matter how large or important the problem was.

In other news, the GMC staff have announced that the Tutorials & Examples forum will be closed down for an undetermined period of time for reorganization purposes. It is expected to be back up ‘soon’, users are being told to hold their submissions until the forum re-opens.


13 Responses

  1. ahh, very interesting.
    yeah, sounds like yoyo.
    I sent them a help desk ticket,
    on their home page it talks all this floury stuff about
    the site and it says that

    [quote]YoYo has a wealth of resources & the support of the Game Maker Community [/quote]

    and if you click the “GMC” link,
    it takes you to the trashy, yoyotrash trash forums.

    and they said about 1 week ago (been waiting about 1-2 months now)
    that they were happyt I brought it to their attention,
    and that they would look into the issue promptly… 😆 and it hasn’t changed a bit 😀
    as for the gmc news, that is quite interesting… (even though I submitted that one)

  2. Actually that “silly” link in the home page will point to the GMC eventually. It’s been sitting in a long list of “things to do” that will finally all get “done” in one release next month. Sorry for the delay 😦


  3. Thats ok, I was just wondering why it hadn’t been noticed… btw are you really THE Sandy from yoyo? or somone pretending to be Sandy?… I’ve seen people posting on blogs in Mr. marks name saying that the decompiler was legal and fine 😆 so I was just checking. no offence. as for it being *silly* I call the yoyogames forums trash forums because the forums are ugly looking, have adds every where, that are trashy adds btw, the people there use around 2 bad words PER scentence, etc…

  4. oops, forgot to mention,

    when are y’all going to update the yoyo Glog?!?

  5. A few weeks ago, I received a reply to an EIGHT month old helpdesk ticket regarding a user which had completely ruined the forum with torrents of gay porn. In my personal opinion, something like that is a matter which should be attended to as soon as possible, not in two thirds of a year.

  6. wow… thats pretty bad… but, thats why the GMC is soo much better… but, that does sound like yoyo games…
    but, if it isn’t one thing, it will be another… so,
    how about we make a list of all yoyos fualts, and ask them to improve them? in a nice positive way. after all,
    look at all the nice things they have done for us, free server space for games, 2 free forums, resorces etc.

    now, lets give them a chance to improve. lets make a list, and send it to them.

    I’ll start:

    1. rotten help desk support,
    and you shouldn’t need a help desk at all.
    they should just have an email adress out there…

    2. I HATE THEIR ADDS! a lot of them even need censoring…

    3. they need t update their “glog” more often…

  7. 1] If they just had an email address, how would they be able to track all the messages they receive. A helpdesk can be used for that.

    When they receive several requests that are marked as ‘URGENT’ similar to Benjamin’s request. They don’t know it isn’t urgent until they check it, then they see something like ‘my key brokke,give me enew 1 now – or iii get people to broke ur site tooo’. Give them a break, the fact that they actually reply to some of them should be applauded.

    2] I agree – But how are they suppose to make money. They sell GM for $20 (or whatever), and then offer everyone free upgrades to the next version. There is one game on YYG that has been played more than 100,000 times. How much do you think it costs to have a server big enough to offer enough bandwidth for just that one game. Then there are many others that have been player just as many times.

    3] So you want them to worry about getting better ads, answer silly (sometimes, some are important) questions through their helpdesk. Work on newer versions of GM, make sure their plugin works for future versions of Fx, make GM work on other platforms etc. And constantly update the glog for people, like you, to complain that they are taken to long to do anything.

    Maybe you should of submitted your questions to GMTech Magazine. I had an exclusive interview with Sandy, the replies are really interesting to see.

  8. maybe I’ll do tjat. thanks for the idea 🙂

  9. @gamez93

    1] They already do have an e-mail address. My understanding is it is hooked up to the support help desk automatically so that each time you e-mail them with a subject that has no ticket number in it (i.e. you are not replying to a response etc.), you receive an auto-reply telling you that a support ticket has been generated and someone has been assigned to help you or something to that effect.

    Also it would be more efficient to prioritize the support tickets differently. Either ask the user what the problem is related to (e.g. you select ‘Registration Problems’ not a general ‘Urgent’ that everyone picks) or have a legend which tells users what priority to pick based on the type of question and warn the user that picking an unsuitable priority level based on the legend may delay their response further.

    2] At this point, most of the money is coming from investors and shareholders who believe the business can take off (which it has done to some extent) and really turn into something very profitable. From this they are getting millions of dollars in free revenue.

    My understanding is there is at least $5 Million USD invested by venture capitalists and about 100,000 copies of GM sold. Plus banner ad revenue.

    I also think they are charging way to little for the software. This software has been developed and refined for several years and works almost flawlessly with less than a handful of bugs/glitches.

    The pro version of the software itself is probably worth about $100 in market value when you look at other similar products. But it won’t be possible for YYG to charge that because:
    1) The target audience for GM is kids/teens that have to struggle to put together an allowance or b-day money to get GM… so it has to be very affordable (I’d say maximum $35)
    2) The majority of GM user’s parents probably will not feel comfortable with purchasing software worth over $35 online and ‘giving their credit card information away on the web’
    3) Any increase would need to be gradual otherwise everyone would kick up a fuss and blame yoyo games for coming in and racking up the prices

    Also in regards to the ads, some of them are inappropriate. Most of the users of GM are in the 11-15 age range and if I was a parent and I saw such revealing ads on my son or daughter’s screen I may be a little concerned or interested to know exactly what was going on.

    For instance in one of the Rappetz ads, half the breasts are revealed in addition to exposed skin positioned in such a way as to intentionally make the game attract young guys because of its sex appeal. It’s one thing if a company wants to do that, but it’s another thing altogether when a company starts marketing this to 10-12 year olds.

  10. 1] Nice idea. I was just saying getting people to email them directly would not be organised. Which is why most companies use have a helpdesk.

    2] Most of the time investors expect money back, they will only put money into YYG if they thing they are getting something back. So YYG need to make sure they are making a profit, thus the ads.

    I am not saying the ads are great. I personally don’t see any with my adblock on, however getting rid of them will just mean an increase in the price of GM to cover costs. They need to switch advertising system, to one that doesn’t show inappropriate content. From the reasons you mentioned, it isn’t really good thing for GM’s target audience.

  11. @Pythonpoole,and Gamez93,

    I know removing the adds would cost lots of money.
    I don’t care if there are adds or not, but, most people including myself don’t feel comfortable showning a friend a game where there are adds with people wearing “Emporores New Clothes”… that say “your
    goddes awaits”…

    which is why I rarely go on yoyo at all…
    if they got rid of those adds, well then I might go back…

  12. I agree. They need to find a different advertising system that doesn’t have so many inappropriate ads.

    Do they really even need the ads?


    PS: The YoYo Games Glog’s have finally merged.

  13. yes I agree. thats what I have been trying to point out for months… I hope that they fix the adds, before they loose a faithful visitor… as for the stupid multi palyer, it won’t work on my (actually, familly) new computer, and when I download games, and run them they do not show up, but dissapear… kinda stinks… oh well, don’t really enjoy trashy mario clones anyways…

    gtg. -Caniac

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