Enigma r3 Released

The much anticipated revision three release of Enigma has just been made publicly available.

The Enigma project is an effort to make Game Maker project files compilable into native executables which can run on the end user’s operating system without the need of a runner to interpret higher level coding.

Native executables also bring many other advantages/benefits to the table that would otherwise not be possible with Game Maker. To name a few:
– Reduced file sizes
– Significantly increased speed
– Easier to port to other platforms
– Much less processor/resource use
– High protection from decompilation

Enigma is an open source project and can be downloaded directly from SourceForge or the official Enigma forum (with release notes) here.

For a full list of Game Maker functions Enigma can work with, please see this page on the official Enigma development website.


9 Responses

  1. It’s not V3. It’s Release 3 (r3) – an ALPHA, not a third full release.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out, title changed.

  3. so… how exactly does this work?
    I under stand that it will make it run faster, but
    how? does it open up the game file (.exe) with a
    text editor, and change all the charectors to 1010
    sequences? I am not quite sure…

  4. Give it a go and you will see, Caniac.
    I quite like it, although, I have found an even better project, it uses GML, but it is just a script editor, I find it great! Although, Enigma maybe a little better. 😛

  5. @ Caniac, it actually doesn’t touch the GM executable at all.. it converts your GM6 file/GML code to C++ and then compiles it as a native (machine code) executable. Just think of Enigma as an entirely separate thing to Game Maker that just happens to use the same programming language (GML).

    Basically, it lets you program your game or software using GML in an interface very similar to that of Game Maker (you can even use Game Maker 6 to make the game if you want and then load it into Enigma/LGM).

    The difference is, instead of converting your GML into high level byte code and then interpreting it at runtime (like Game Maker does)… Enigma will convert your GML to C++ before it the compiles it in C++ and then it spits out a fully native executable.

    In other words, when you make a game with Enigma it’s as if the game was actually written in the hard to learn – low level C++ language from the beginning even though it was developed with an easy language like GML.

    This means Enigma executables are fully native and compiled to machine code so:
    1) There is no need for the 2 MB runner data file Game Maker puts into every executable
    2) Game loading times can be cut to an absolute minimal
    3) Games can run much much faster and can be much more powerful in comparison to those running with GM executables
    4) You can combine GML and C++ coding in the same game/software so that you can take full advantage of the C++ language and are not limited by GM’s scripting language or its runner
    4) There will be opportunities to port your game to other platforms, devices and consoles in the future
    5) Compiled executables like those created by Enigma use significantly less resources (in terms of processor usage and memory) for the same game created with Game Maker
    6) Fully compiled executables are extremely difficult to reverse engineer and decompilation wouldn’t be a concern anymore

  6. Yeah, ^^^ He ^^^ summed it up nicely.
    The advantages of Enigma could be amazing if it will get completely finished. I’m about to download r3 and give it a try.
    I look forward to seeing what it can do.

  7. ahh…

    very interesting… so, it is like G-C++?
    or it is the same program? G-C++ is
    like G-Flash except it converts the Game
    Maker game to C++ like this program.

  8. My guess would be yes, but I’m not sure what G-C++ is like. But I would suppose that it is pretty much the same thing.

  9. Neither am I. I have never downloaded it…
    but I hear it supposedly works…
    it is still in prograss to my knowlege at
    the G-Creator forums, at:
    along with
    G-C++ G-Flash G-Java and G-Creator

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