GM TV Startup Wars

Recently there has been a trend of users starting up or planning Game Maker based TV/video services.

aracnoX is looking for support for a ‘YYGTV’ network where viewers can play games, and “watch pivot animations or flash animations”. How exactly this is classified under ‘TV’, we’re not too sure.

Another user, Ariodas, wants to use the already popular ‘GMTV’ name for a Game Maker application that will essentially work like a TV set-top box allowing you to view other user’s Game Maker TV channels.

Users are going as far as to claim their own channels on these TV networks, one user reportedly saying, “GM Tutorials? Chanel 23 Please.”

But it’s not just Game Maker tv shows that are starting up, YouTube is also becoming flooded with Game Maker tutorial videos almost every hour of the day (see below).

It is uncertain whether this sudden increase in GM video services is the result of inspiration from the latest GMTV Episode 4 by Dan Eggers.

4 Responses

  1. Just would like to let you know my project was not caused by GMTV.

    I will release more info soon, on why I started this project.

  2. I think that the other projects were probably inspired by GMTV. I was very inspired by the latest episode, and hope to help out in future episodes also. yes, I have noticed a large flood of youtube game maker videos…

  3. Mine wasn’t its not even similar in anyway.

  4. ok, not ALL the videos, but some where.
    there were allready a lot of tutorial vids. on youtube BEFORE gmtv was announced, but I think that wuite a few were inspired by it…

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