July 2008 Prize Winner(s)!

Wow! What a month, and thanks to all of you who contributed to the site 🙂

The first and second place winners were so close to both winning, that after checking and re-checking point scores, we have decided it would only be fair to award both users a prize. So the first place winner will be given a choice from our current prize selection, and the second place winner will be given a choice from a secondary prize selection (see prizes page).

Drum-roll please……….

The winner of the July 2008 GMNews competition with 55 points in comments and 10 points in news tips and a total of 65 points is….


And our second place winner (who will also receive a prize [see Update below]) with 50 points in comments and 14 points in news tips and with a total of 64 points is…..


Congratulations to both of you! You both have put in a lot of effort and deserve a prize. We never thought it could come down to this and it very much surprised all of us how close the numbers were.

For those of you who are wondering: Caniac had more posted comments than Elmernite, however most of them were short and quick. Elmernite wrote longer posts that showed more effort, quality, and contained more information.

We also want to thank the following runner-ups who also did a great job:

– Mattthew_H
– Legocrazy1
– Nikhil Sharma

For everyone else, please see the Prizes page for information on the competition and prize choices.
Remember, all you have to do is post a comment or submit a news tip and you’re in the running to win the monthly prizes.

UPDATE: Caniac has generously declined and donated his prize back to GMNews in exchange for the opportunity to win next month’s prize give-away.


11 Responses

  1. Congratulations to both of them! I wasn’t surprised to find that both of them won.


  2. Wow! This is absolutely amazing! You guys are generous! Giving away two prizes like that! I’m glad you are though! I would have felt bad if I had won over Caniac by one point. (Not bad to give him the prize or anything, just a little bad 😉 )

    This is great! I would like to thank the Academy, my wonderful director, my co st….. oh, sorry, wrong event.

    I’ll post what I choose once I have done so. Thanks so much GMNews. I’ll post here in the future as well. (Even when not in running for the prize. This site is great!)

    Congrats Caniac to as well!

  3. congrats Elmernite,
    thanks GMNews, I agree, you all are soooo generous…
    yeah, I would have also felt bad if I had won over Elmernite by one or 2 points…
    I will submit as many news tips this month as possible,
    even though I am on vacation.
    thanks again.
    sadly, today was the day I was traveling, 14 hrs.
    sitting in the car from 4 am till about 7.
    waiting. wondering if I won…
    and then thinking some more…
    it was quite nerve racking think about traveling on the
    day the winner would be announced, but I tried to keep
    it out of my mind, and actually did a pretty good job.


  4. Congratulations to both of you.
    I didn’t expect to win, but to get a thanks is more worth it, its just that I don’t really have the time to post all that often as well as submit news tips, on top of that, with everything going on.

    Oh well, great work you guys!

  5. Thanks,
    I Thought that GMNews was so very generous offering
    me a prize, but I felt it would be nice to offer mine up as a donation.

  6. Thanks Caniac!
    Thanks again to GMNews, I chose the pc controller pad for anyone wondering!
    Best of luck to anyone contending for this month’s competition.

    Yeah, that was nice of you Caniac, plus you get a shot at this months prize.

  7. right.
    I figured, the prizes for second place were not
    what I needed, and figured that the prize is about the equivalent of a $5 donation. I was told that if I donated $5, I could get a different prize that I really need. (green screen) (if I win) and if I continue to send in news tips. I need it so I can help out with GMNews.

  8. I believe what Caniac meant to say was “he need[s] it so [he] can help out with [GMTV]” (the reason he wants the green screen).

  9. Congrats Elmernite! Scorptek is giving away some cool prizes there so choose wisely!


  10. @Ben,

    yup. forgot to mention. I am going to start working with/on GMTV, I will do a section on there reviewing the quality, thouroghness and ease of use on extensions, dlls, libs and other things…

    (If they take me :p )
    don’t expect to see me this month though…
    as I have to send in an example of my work,
    and I don’t have a computer with GM Proo on it and didn’t bring my Lic key on vacation so I can’t send in a video, and thus won’t be in the August edition…

    yes, they are giving away some Really cool prizes…

  11. oops…
    2 posts ago, I out in GMNews, instead of GMTV…
    if you also notice, I made that comment at 11:08 PM est. so I was obviously really tired… no, I meant to type GMTV…

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