GMC Extension 2.7 Release

Version 2.7 of the popular GMC Extension has been released today. Many of you associate the browser add-on with Karma, a system that allows users to add or remove ‘karma’ points for posts on the GMC forum.

Some of the new features we have included are:
– PM Archiving
– Forum Skins/Themes
– Firefox 3.0.1+ compatibility

Although archiving and skins were available previously, since the GMC had it’s major overhaul a lot of work had to be put in to restore these features. We are also planning on releasing some new features in the coming weeks.

The browser extension can be downloaded here!
It can also be updated using Firefox’s built-in ‘Find Updates’ feature.

If you have any problems, please refer to the support forum.

Special thanks to GMC Extension’s project manager and programmer, ari_aaron and the rest of the beta testing team.

4 Responses

  1. Truth be told, I never was a fan of an extension for a specific forum. That may just be because I don’t hang out at any one forum enough to justify it.
    Still, it seems to have some nice features. I just doubt I’ll get it.
    (Unless it can fix that blasted, log in trouble at the gmc.)
    The more GM related stuff the merrier!

  2. thats nice…
    I tried to download it once, a while ago but I think it wouldn’t work on my browser
    or maybe that was some other GMC extension…

  3. I gotta agree with Elmernite. I’m not interested in it at all, really. But I might check it out anyways for the skins.

  4. yeah,
    I spend a lot of time on the GMC, and G-Creator forums,
    but I don’t want or need an extension to tell
    me stuff I don’t care about…

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