GMTech – Exclusive Interview

Elmernite writes to tell us of an exclusive interview he had with GMTech Magazine’s founder, gamez93.

The interview covers a whole series of questions ranging from the beginnings of the magazine to what should be expected in upcoming issue 13.

Below is a copy of the interview transcript (which can be sourced here):

1) Why did you decide to start GMTech?
I had been part of several other magazines in the past, and saw them all fail. I believe that I had more determination to make it work. So I went for it, this is my second attempt at making a Game Maker magazine and this time it worked out well.

2) You have quite a team, how well do you all work together?
The team is built up of people I have worked with before and people I previously never heard of. ‘gmjab’ and ‘rup13’ are two key team members, I had worked with them before on a magazine and have helped get the magazine to this stage.

There are a lot of newer members who are part of the team. All of whom do a great job in making sure that magazine is at a top quality stage.

3) Do you see GMTech extending into other areas? A news show (Like GMTV) or a news blog. You already have a wiki.
GMTech can be used for pretty much anything we wish to. We have a GMTech Magazine, we could turn around and do GMTech Hosting. For now I will stick to just a magazine, but if a good idea comes around I will think about it.

4) How far ahead do you normally run? When issue 13 comes out are you already working on 14? 15? Perhaps even 16?
We are always a few steps ahead. Things like exclusives have to be sorted out and these can take around two months to sort out. Currently Issue 13 is nearing competition and work has already began on Issue 14. I am already planning for Issue 15.

5) On to issue 13, do you feel that this one is better than the last issue?
Issue 13 is going to be smaller than Issue 12 in terms of content, however just as good in quality. We always try and reach a good balance of quality content and enough content, to appeal to all the readers.

6) Could you give us a rough release date for issue 13? (It can be as vague as you wish)
As I am going on a short holiday, it will be released early next month. While I am away the rest of the team will be working hard on the issue, so it will be as good as the rest.

7) GMTech has come a long way from it’s early magazines. (Of which I have all of them) Do you see this trend continuing farther into the future.
The longer the magazine is around the better, I am hoping that we will continue to achieve new achievements and excel with the magazine. But the only way to do that is if we have content, which is why we are constantly looking for new team members to help and make the magazine even better.

8) Do you ever see the possibility of actually becoming a printed magazine? Would you do it if you had enough pledged subscribers?
If enough people really want it, we can look further into doing it. It would take a lot more work to get right, so don’t expect anything so soon.

9) Anything else you wish to say about GMTech, issue 13, etc..?
Issue 14 – We are proud to be the first GM publication to present a feature length exclusive with YYG. If you can think of some questions you’d like asked, simply make a topic in the special “YoYo Special” sub-forum on the main GMTech forums.

7 Responses

  1. GMT is an amazing magazine, and I really can’t wait for issue 13. It would be so awesome if they printed it, I’d subscribe for sure.

  2. I am sure that Elmernite would win the prize for this month, for sure.
    I mean, that’s just the way that it feels to me.

    Also, number 8 has become an emoticon, 8)


  3. Ha Ha! Thanks I sure hope so. Can’t be sure though, Cainac has done quite a bit as well.

    Yeah, I notice the emoticon. It took me a little while to figure out just what had happened. I was like, “What?” then it hit me.

    There we go! We have one person who said they would subscribe. Now we just need a few hundred more!


  4. yeah, I hope I win, but you have also done quite a bit yourself…
    I am going on vacation friday, and will be in the car from 4 AM till 5 or 6.
    so I won’t know the results, and will be gone
    for 2 weeks…

    I think the emotion is quite amusing…
    I wonder if they are going to try to fix it…
    and I do hope I win this month as next month I will miss
    the first 2 weeks of submitting news tips…
    and so I will probably not win next month either…

  5. Ouch, yeah that will hurt you quite a bit next month. Will you have access to a computer while you are on vacation? So you can at least post?

    Well, best of luck!

  6. well,
    I might get internet acess,
    but I won’t be active enough to even have a remote CHANCE… of winning… 😦
    (I won’t be able to check the yoyo glog 8 times a day,
    and the GMC 12 times…

  7. Ouch, yeah, that will hurt.
    Boy, you sure put a lot of work into winning. That’s for sure. I don’t even check the sites out that much. Any news tips I came along by were purely by chance.
    Perhaps, submitting news tips isn’t that important. It is most likely more important that you manage to post on all of the blogs. So you may be able to do that even on the trip.


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