Cage Matches Tomorrow

Ablach Blackrat announced a few days ago that the popular Cage Match competition at the GMC would be returning tomorrow.

The basic idea for the Cage Match is that two nominated games are selected for discussion and voting by the community to start out. The game which wins that round will then be facing off a new game the following week. The longer a particular game can stay in the Cage Match, the better the game is supposed to be.


8 Responses

  1. I am so happy that the cage matches are coming back! I missed them so much. I was only ever featured in one round. (My puzzler Puck.) Hopefully now that they are back I can get into them again.

    Isn’t the first match supposed to be a three way with the winners of the yoyogames comp, or have they changed their mind about that? I know that was the original plain.

    Can’t wait!

  2. source = Caniac… (me)
    Link to the topic is in the post…
    I am still trying to figure out what a cage match is…
    I htink that 2 people nominate seperate games, the winner stays, the looser goes, and picks another person to battle the winner…

  3. The cage match has been handled different ways over it’s on/off history I think.

    The way it was running last was two game would face off. And the loser would pick a replacement. For a while I thing they were having nominations to pick the replacement game, but I think that was the older method. I look forward to seeing how they handle it this time.


  4. The first match will be a three way between the winner’s of the Ancient Civilization Competition. After that it will be two games only. The Cage Matches will pretty much be run as before except for the first month or so: I’m going to allow the entrants to choose games going back a year or so to be fair to everyone.

  5. ahh thats cool…
    but after this it is going to be two games only.
    ok, cool…

  6. Wow, That’s great Ablach Blackrat! You have no idea how much I missed the Cage matches. Thank you so much for spending the time to bring them back! I hope everything flows smoothly.

    I’m glad that you are letting older games get picked for the first month or so. I hope to see some good face offs.

  7. I can’t say that I missed them,
    because I didn’t know about them until I found
    a topic in “the community” and sent it here…
    I didn’t join the GMC until January 7th or 27 (or
    somthing like that) and there were no cage
    matches then to my knowlege…

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