Dan Eggers, producer of GMTV, has just released episode 4 of the series.

The episode can be downloaded here, and a small review on the show can be found below:

This episode includes significant improvements in the graphics and animation department as well as just over 20 minutes worth of great content including: news, reviews, coding tips and more. In comparison to previous episodes, this current show was carried out in much more professional manner and does not include the swearing or unplanned/unrehearsed segments evident in earlier shows.

The only major criticism I can add is the fact that the ‘script’ Dan was referring to in the News section of the show was far off camera so that Dan’s eyes were often looking at the corner of the screen rather than the camera itself. It also sometimes felt as if Dan was reading rather than delivering the news. Other than that, apart from a couple of word fumbles which could have been re-recorded, it was pretty decent quality and is worth a watch.

In addition to the episode, GMTV also revamped their website with a completely new design.


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  1. let me guess,
    was that you, Elmerite? 😆
    it is quite a nice website, I wish them luck…
    there was swearing in the earlyier shows?!?
    Wow! I didn’t know it was that bad… I mean,
    I wached a little bit of one of the episoodes, but it didn’t really intrest me…

  2. “there was swearing in the [earlier] shows?!?”

    – If not swearing, there was some offensive language. Some of it I won’t mention here, but in earlier episodes Dan would use words like ‘hell’ a lot (e.g. ‘this game is as slow as hell’).

    At another time, the show spent a good 20-30 seconds focusing on the fact that there was a penis drawn on the temporary title screen for the game he was reviewing. He could have easily skipped that part, chosen to review a different game, or even just mention it without the full 30 second description.

  3. Ha Ha, no that one wasn’t me. 😀

    Yeah, GMTV had it’s problems in the past. It is slightly better now, with a much better site.

    One complaint I have is that there’s no reason for him to go over the news. By the time he gets to a lot of the news it’s way out of date. Like the YoYo Games competition. It’s kind of boring sitting through news. I’m sure most people keep up with it through places like this blog and such.

    Otherwise, not to bad haven’t gone over the whole thing yet. (Couldn’t get through the news) I hope to finish it later.


  4. @Polython Poole:
    ok I see why the older episodes were bad…..

    ok *wipes brow*
    I was wondering, is it legal for two people to work togeather? example, lets say that Elmernite and I workd togeather, so one month I would e-mail him the news tips, the next month he would send them to me, and we would both benifit?

    Elmernite, would you be willing to do that?
    I will if you will, and the GMNEws staff doesn’t mind…

    or is this against the rules,
    if it is, I will drop the idea immedietly….

  5. Firstly my username is pythonpoole (1 word, no poly and no caps), but no worries everyone makes mistakes.

    Secondly, I just finished sending an e-mail to you about actually committing yourself to making this site a better place rather than just posting to win the prizes. Now you’re trying to develop some scheme to ensure you win every other month’s prize? The idea of the “competition” was to encourage discussion and to improve the quality of the site.

    The prizes are payed for out of my own pocket, (currently no one is sponsoring them, but please if you can help out I would be very grateful). The costs do add up, but I figure if it improves the site and enhances community discussion then it’s worth it. However if it’s just going to turn the site into a spamming & scamming competition to see who can win the most prizes… then I don’t want that.

  6. sorry… I am not trying to cheat…
    I guess I’ll work on my own…
    I Originally came here because your sig at the GMC attracted me 😆 but now I come here because it is a great place, updated onece every 1-4 days, not like the glog, once every 75 days…
    I do hope that this place does not turn into a spamming and scamming place…
    and I do intend to send in news tips next month, BUT
    I am going away for the first half of the month, so don’t expect too see too much of me…

  7. @ Caniac
    Well, I think pythonpoole answered that.

    @ Benjamin Poole
    Yeah, I noticed the lack of ads. I was wondering whether or not you simple paid out of your own pocket or if the increased traffic would result in increased revenue, but with no ads, that’s kinda hard to do.

    On topic:
    I do agree with the script crit. It does make watching the video kinda strange. The way he is always glancing to the side.
    Plus, I think he kinda overdid the swirly background. It’s ok, to simple be up against a colored/textured background. The movement gets kinda dizzying.
    But that’s just all crit, It’s was still a nice job.


  8. I liked the episode, and don’t mind listening to the news over again.

    My only complaint is in the 4 minute gml section. I wish they would have zoomed in so that the text is actually visible when watching the episode, and not just a massive blur. I actually minimized the video during that part.

  9. @Elmernite,

    Yes, there are no ads and I have no intention of ever having ads on this blog. In fact if you look on the side bar of this site, there is a block titled “Donate” and it says:

    “GMNews is a free service & does not contain any revenue generating ads. If you like our services, we kindly ask that you contribute a donation to ensure future development & continuation of GMNews.

    See About page for info.”

    So far I have not received donations, so having prizes every month is really costing. Especially since some of the prizes have retail values of $30.

  10. I would donate, but my paypal account won’t let me donate… it wants me to put in a credit card or bank account which I refuse to do until I am older…
    and trust it more…

  11. I’ve never noticed that block before. It might help if you did something to make it stand out just a hair more.

    If I might ask, Why no ads? Are you trying to raise the quality of your news service, and you think ads would detract from it? Or is it some other reason? Or do you even care to share that?

    Nice find tuntis! I look forward to the next GMTV episodes now. Lets hope the improve even more in the future with the added support!

  12. @Elmernite, I don’t want it to stick out, otherwise it looks like we’re e-begging for money. It’s just there so people know we are accepting and set-up to handle donations.

    As for ads.. yes I do believe they do detract from the site. I have had many websites in the past, and I refused to put ads on many of them, and the ads I did put were reciprocal link-based and not revenue generating.

    Also, it is WordPress’ policy not to allow users to put their own revenue generating banner advertisements on blogs.

    Even though the blog can now be reached at, the actual blog is intentionally kept hosted on WordPress’ own server’s for various reasons which I won’t go into detail about.

  13. Ah, I wasn’t aware that you used I am familiar with the no ads rule.
    I agree, ads detract from a site. It’s just a little bit of pain putting all of that time (and money) into something and not getting a monetary return. I guess it just needs to be viewed as any other hobby, most people don’t get payed for their hobbies.

    Still, it’s nice to know now that the donate button exist on your site. I’ll keep it mind.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. yes, adds are ugly, sepecially when it is adds
    advertising about games that contain mature
    content… (as that is usually what the add companies
    that give out the most money advertise…)

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