GMTech Update

GMTech sent out an e-mail update to its subscribers today to give updates on Issue 13 of the popular Game Maker magazine. The next issue is due to be released shortly and will include articles on a variety of topics such as casual game development, website design, comics and interviews.

The team has also announced that they will be doing a special on YoYo Games in issue 14 which will include an exclusive interview with a YYG spokesperson. GMTech is encouraging users to submit questions that they would like answered on their forum.

Lastly, the GMTech website has had some recent updates and now features a blue design.


4 Responses

  1. thats quite interesting…
    I wish that they had an e-mail you could write too instead of a forum…

  2. Questions need to be submitted on the forum, so that they are all in one place.

  3. Well, it doesn’t bother me; (I have an account) however, I see how having to register could be annoying, or can guests post?

    Anyhow, I look forward to the result of this. I need to think of a good question to ask. I like when the community has these Q&A’s with the yoyogames staff. It keeps us up to date.


  4. true, true…
    yes, I would like to ask why on the front yoyo page it says “game maker commuity” but the link takes you to the yoyo trash forums… (in the about section on the main page)

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