Hat-tips – Enigma & GMToolbox

We would like to give a welcome hat-tip to Caniac and Elmernite who have both contributed many news tips in the past weeks. For the rest of you, be warned there is some serious competition for this month’s GMNews prize, but there is still time to catch up.

Here are a couple of the interesting news tips we received:

Elmernite wrote to tell us about an exclusive interview he organized with Enigma’s project leader, Josh Ventura. The interview, found here, hints toward the near release of Enigma R3, a more stable and useable version of the compiler. Enigma could potentially be used to convert GM Games to native compiled executables (non-interpreted), significantly increasing speed, performance and opportunities for multiplatform development.

Caniac also wrote to tell us about a very useful site called GMToolbox. As the name suggests, it is your dream toolbox with resources and tools for just about anything you need to accomplish with Game Maker. As of now, it is more geared toward extending Game Maker’s capabilities through Dlls and Extensions, nevertheless it is one of the better and more comprehensive databases around.


17 Responses

  1. Thanks!

    Also, one of the benefits of Enigma will be that it is going to be harder to de-compile. (or next to impossible anyway)
    I keep a close eye on Enigma.

    Yes, GMToolbox is simple amazing! I’ve used them several times to find dlls or extensions that I needed. I have them in my favorites. My biggest complaint with the site is it doesn’t have a news section where you can see the latest dlls and extensions. (Or perhaps I’m just missing the link somehow?)

    Anyhow, great stuff!

  2. The GMToolbox is almost mystifying. And that’s from me just opening it up right now and seeing it for the first time ever. Not even attempting to use it to do something useful.

    I have a feeling it will come in handy though.

  3. ok, so, any idea who is winning? I have been wondering… 🙂

  4. I’m sure he knows; I just doubt he plains on telling us. 😛
    I wouldn’t mind if he did.

    Still with he end of the month not that far off I guess he’ll keep it to himself.

    @ GMNews (Whomever it may concern)
    What gave you the idea for the little smiley? I’ve seen it for some time and wondered if it had ever served a purpose. The first time I saw the smiley I I was like “What???” Just wondering who was responsible for it, it’s pretty funny.


  5. @Elmernite: Actually, I don’t know who is winning. I don’t add everything up until the very last minute. In terms of news tips however, Caniac and you definitely take the lead.

    For your second question, the smiley (referred to as an easter egg in an old blog post) is used to collect statistics on the site’s usage.

  6. @Benjamin Poole:
    at least I know that I have a chance…
    last month, I didn’t botherwith/under stand the prize things until about halfway thru… so that is why I think I lost…

    I hope I win this month…

  7. Wow, I thought you would handle that like every night and compound them as the month goes along. Guess it makes more sense to wait till the end though.

    @ Caniac
    Hmmm…. So do I….
    May the best man win! 🙂

    What would happen if it were a tie?

  8. @Elmernite: I was wondering the same thing…
    maybe he would pick the one of us who he likes most, or roll a dice, etc…
    wonder what would happen if the winner Didn’t claim his prize?

  9. One of the reasons I leave it to the last minute is so that I can try to remain unbiased. If I were to count every night to the 15th of the month and there was clearly someone in the lead, I could end up trying to get that person to win through subjective marking of comments.

    This almost happened last month. Elmernite showed a great interest in participating in the competition and seemed dedicated for a while. Knowing this, in some ways I wanted him to win, but the fact was he didn’t make nearly enough quality posts in the last half of the month to win.

    I don’t want to make a similar mistake again, so I try to keep very neutral and avoid counting posts as much as I can so comment judging is unbiased.

    I’m going to update the prize pages with these new rules for clarification purposes:

    1) In the event of a tie, the user who made the best contributions in the previous month will win the current month’s prize.

    2) Each winner has 30 days to claim their prize. If the prize winner does not claim his or her prize within the alloted time, the prize expires and will not be awarded to the runner-up or another user.

    3) A prize winner cannot win two monthly prizes in a row. In such a case, the runner-up would be awarded the prize with a special mention to the previous month’s winner.

  10. *Cries* So I am out of it then? *Sniff* *Sniff*
    haha, That doesn’t really bother me, I would really like to see someone who does earn it though, who has really taken the time out of their day, I guess.

    More related to the topic of the blog though.
    I would really like to see the full version (V.1) of Enigma, I am quite interested in the way that it turns out, and we should see a considerable amount of this in R3.

    GMTOOLBOX is an alright site, it could be very helpful for people in the need of DLL’s or extentions, but, I think that there should be a news section as well. or maybe even more to the site.


  11. Matt, there is no reason why you cannot win this month’s prize. You didn’t win last month’s and you still have time to catch up with posts and news tips.

    All I’m saying at this point is it feels like Caniac and Elmernite are contributing more than others, but it could just be that they are sending in news tips when other users are commenting a lot.

  12. @Ben, (if you don’t mind being called that)
    If I were to win this months prize, I will not be able to win next months, but would I be able to win it the month after that?
    I am just curious…

  13. @Caniac, yes you could win the prize for the month after. The rule simply prevents certain users from winning again and again and again without giving other users a chance.

  14. Yeah, I guess it makes a lot more sense to do it that way. Just sit down one night and figure everything out.

    yeah, last month…. I had every intention of really trying last month, but school got to me and I couldn’t manage to keep up the posting. I was surprised that I was third place considering that I had kinda quite posting half-way through the month. That’s what inspired me to try again this month.

    Ok, so that is how you settle ties. I thought it might be something like that. I couldn’t see you having a posting cage match or something. 😛


  15. yes, I also wonder what would happed when there is a tie…
    as for GMToolbox, the owner said I could re-make the site, and they would consider using it, if I did, I would add a section for libs, exapmles etc…

  16. I totally love GMToolbox for it’s amazing design.

  17. yes, it is a very nice site, I am glad they finally fixed it, see the notice on the main page….

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