A response to GMBlog

After seeing Phil’s post at Game Maker blog about the search terms used to find his site, I thought I would follow-up the post with our own GMNews stats.

Like those found on the GMBlog’s “I know you are guilty” post, our statistics clearly confirm that an enormous sum of users are trying to find decompilers and software cracks for Game Maker. It’s quite saddening to know that the top four search terms used to find this site were from people looking to download the much sought after but legally questionable decompiler.

Here is the list of popular search terms used to find GMNews from most used to least used. The * indicates a non-legitimate search term (e.g. looking for a software crack)

game maker decompiler *
exe decompiler *
gamemaker decompiler *
gm decompiler *
game maker news
gamemaker news
gm6 decompiler *
game maker mac
gm6 exe decompiler *
exe to gm6 *
gmk to gm6
gm7 decompiler *
game maker 6 vista
decompile exe *
yoyo games
game maker exe decompiler *
gmk to gm6 converter
gamemaker vista
game maker 7 activation code *
game maker
.exe decompiler *
game maker crack *
gm7 crack *
gmk decompiler *
game maker converter
gm6 exe decompiler download *
gamemaker 7
game maker for mac
game decompiler *
exe to gmk *
vista converter
game maker 7
drxj.exe *
game maker 7 decompiler *
gm6 vista
gmk converter gm6
game maker vista converter
gm6 decompiler download *
game maker vista
exe decompile *
gm7 to gm6 converter
game maker 7 mac

14 Responses

  1. That’s just sad! I don’t know how so many people can do that.
    I recently gave a persuasive speech to my speech class about why software piracy should be stopped. It’s one thing to see the numbers, it’s something else entirely to see them connected with a piece of software that I know and love. Sad.

    Yours seem mostly to be concerned with de-compiling. Where as Phil’s seemed more related to Game Maker hacks themselves. I wonder why that is.

    I find it interesting that the top search term. (That isn’t for hacks or news eg: gmnews) Is for Game Maker Mac. And people say it isn’t wanted.


  2. When you say non-legitimate search term, they may be legitimate users looking for news. Also, I use the search term “game maker mac” just to see it’s status. I don’t actually have a use for it, I’m just interested in YoYo’s activity,

    So looking at search terms alone isn’t an accurate picture of user’s intentions.

  3. After using all those words in plain text you can be sure to get a few more….. 😛

  4. Elmernite: Probably because we post more about decompilers here.

  5. […] and GMNews recently posted their search engine statistics. I’ve followed […]

  6. I’ve also searched for the decompiler, not to perform illegal activities, but to discover how easy it is to find and what information about it is available.

    But if people are really looking for the decompiler to perform illegal activities, it is not sad but great that they find sites without a download link.

  7. I’m not going to make myself popular with this comment but still. I’ve just checked the logs of several of my Game Maker sites and it turns out that my visitors search for my site content.
    Could it be that people are not searching for your content and hence these things end up on the top?
    SimonDonkers.com contains no questionable results in the top 100 and GameMaker.info only contains the ‘questionable’ search phrase: ‘”an untitled story” cheat’ at position 30.

  8. It’s probably because this is a news site so we have several articles dedicated to topics such as the decompiler.. thus the site becomes a huge magnet for searches of such topics.

    I’m pretty sure if you took any one of your sites and started throwing the words ‘decompiler’ and ‘gm7 crack’ every where that those would become some of your most popular search terms too.

  9. yes, I found several Decompilers, bot to use them, but to report them to the admins at the GMC and get in good) (they wern’t interested in making me a mod for a list of about 50 links) (even though I gave them a sample)

  10. Sad.

    I haven’t seen anything where it says “Hey! A GM Decomiler!”. But people complaining everywhere and news sites posting articles really shows everyone what is really out there

    Example, I never knew that anything called “drxj.exe” existed. Now I do, and I’m temped to find out what it is.

  11. umm… decompiling ANY gm game, BREAKS the yoyo licence agreement wiht you that you sped-red thru when you installed Game maker. so don’t try it… it’s just not nice to decompile peoples stuff…

  12. While I understand that news site are just keeping up with the news. Sometimes posting about it makes it worse. Grant it, I don’t think any of the news site have ever posted links. So I’ll give it to you for that! Still, sometimes it might be better to simple downplay stuff like that.

    I mean right now one of your Popular Articles is GM6 EXE DECOMPILER, which was posted in 2006. (Of course, it doesn’t contain any links)

  13. Pretty sad. Do people really have to steal someone’s work?

  14. Lets all assume everyone is a thief and pirate or easily corruptible. I mean, who would ever want a decompiler to run a tutorial in a different version of Game Maker? Or decompile an executable that has no source code anymore? Nope. We’re all sinners who deserve YoYo Games “no unethical games” chokehold of a license.

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