Markup 14

MarkUp, a popular Game Maker magazine, just had its 14th issue released today.

The Magazine – available here – contains 54 pages of high quality and visually appealing content (up from its 26 page predecessor) that covers everything from:

– Exclusive previews (Sixty Five Million and One BC)
– Editorials
– Tutorials
– Reviews
– Interviews
– And more

Although this issue was just made available by the GMKing team, it is intended to be an August release.

For those of you who are interested, MarkUp is another magazine looking for contributors and offers a free in-magazine advertisement for every 400 words you can contribute.


7 Responses

  1. Yep, its out 🙂

  2. too bad about the C++ runner…
    maybe it will start working soon,
    and it is a pity about the mac port…
    but, what was that about 65M and 1 BC being
    a commercial game?

  3. ooh… never mind… I idn’t finish reading the article 😆

  4. Well, I skimmed the magazine. It seemed pretty nice, the red was almost overpowering, but I’m not a red loving person. I’ll hand it to them for going with a color not normally used. One of the reasons the red seemed so overpowering was because of the big fat red header on every page. Perhaps slim the header a little bit.
    Overall, I thought it was a good improvement over previous issues.

    I find that you lacked enough little articles. Sounds silly, but think of any professional magazine. They always have little news items, tidbits, and small articles scatter around in little boxes often in the middle of a bigger article. These mini articles kinda provide a break from reading main article.

    That’s just criticism though, The magazine was very nice and had some very good articles. At first I kinda scoffed at the Making of Falling Troy, (I thought you could have picked a winner or more known game, but I applaud you for not doing that now) but it was extremely enjoyable and is one of my favorite articles in the magazine. It managed to be both an enjoyable read and an opportunity to pick up a few tips.

    Nice job! I continue to be amazed that two high quality magazines devoted to Game Maker can continue to exist.

  5. Canian: hehe, well hope you liked the issue!

    Elmernite: thanks for the feedback. The color scheme will change with each issue. We’ll also be trying new things for the design, perhaps a slimmer header will make the issue look sleeker, etc. Still, glad you liked the design 🙂

    Ah, little articles! Back during issues 8-10 we used to have a LOT of small articles scattered all over the issues, but sometimes its hard to keep up and things like that are just left forgotten. I agree though, little articles here and there enhance the magazine reading experience a lot; we should definitely concentrate on these more in the future!

    Glad you ended up liking the ‘Making of Falling Troy’ article; we put a lot of effort into finding good games with a lot of game design elements which the author can discuss; and we’ve been lucky quite a several times with the amount of work the creators of the games put into such articles to make them as detailed and professional as they turn out to be.

    Again, thanks for the excellent feedback; I hope our work on future issues will make them even more enjoyable and beneficial!


  6. yes, very nice issue, I wish I could read an offline version (in my hands) like most magazeens, (not sure on spelling) keep up the good work…


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