YYGlog Followup, GMBed, Ultimate 3D Scrapped

First up on today’s news list is a follow-up on the recently posted articles found on the official YoYo Games glog. The follow-up comments from Sandy confirm that the runner for the next release of Game Maker will be modified to improve security and integrity of the games as to make it much more difficult to decompile them.

Sandy also stated that although the company has looked into making a compiler for GM (i.e. one which can compile Game Maker source files directly into machine code), it is highly unlikely this will happen. Lastly, Sandy mentions the fact that things are moving a bit slow lately because it’s summer, but at the same time hints to several ‘minor things’ that will be announced in the next week or two. Speculation anyone?

GMBed was first released a little while back and was an effort to compete with YoYo Games’ iPlay browser plug-in to allow Game Maker made games to run directly from a user’s web browser. The major advantage of using GMBed is the ability for games to be embedded directly into a user’s own webpage without requiring any additional plug-ins to be installed on the end user’s PC for it to work.

Today the team announced a new beta of the Java based software that should improve general performance and stability. It seems however that there are some mixed reports to how well it is working in its beta form.

Christoph Peters, creator of Ultimate 3D for Game Maker has decided to discontinue the project after a long four years. The popular DLL that enables better 3D capabilities and performance than Game Maker’s built-in engine has been used by many to give them the extra 3D rendering power they need to create commercial-quality games.

Ultimate 3D isn’t over just yet though. Christoph announced the project will continue as Ultimate 3D 3.0, however will not be built to work with Game Maker. In his deciding letter, Christoph notes the limited power of Game Maker and says “I have told those of you who want to make complex games to stop using Game Maker several times now. Now I am taking this advice myself.”

Hat tip to Elmernite.


9 Responses

  1. Nice set of tidbits! Who knows what the minor things are. Some sort of update to the website perhaps? I was a bit disappointed that it sounded like they weren’t going to do the compiler. Still, may it wouldn’t be as usefully as I think. I guess I’ll have to wait for Enigma to find out how usefully a compiler would be.

    GMBed sounds ok, I don’t know if I would have a use for it. I’ll need to see if I can get it work.—
    — Couldn’t get anything but a black screen. It showed me loading time, then I get nothing.

    The Ultimate 3D is both a sad and happy event at the same time. Sad that it will be leaving GM, but Happy that a good 3D game engine will soon come out for anyone who wishes to use another method of programming. Best of luck to Christoph!

  2. A compiler for GM… a man can dream 😦

    That would surely give performance a kick.

  3. Wow you guys are fast, I was about to come here and tell you about the new beta 🙂 It should show a green screen.

    I am constantly fixing bugs and reuploading 😉

    If you don’t have an account at 64D G-Creator forum or GMG then I can answer questions here.

    Sad about an official GM compiler but 2 unofficial compilers are being written: Enigma and G-Creator.

  4. thats too bad about U3D,
    it was a very impressive program.
    will the older versions still be downloadable?

  5. Making 3D games with a 2D tool is an incredibly stupid idea no matter how many DLL’s one creates. If you want 3D, go use other (read: better) engines like C4, 3d Game Studio (it’s like Game Maker, but for 3D).. etc. So no loss here for GM anyway.

    “Lastly, Sandy mentions the fact that things are moving a bit slow lately because it’s summer”


    I don’t understand. Is there a special season or positioning of the moon required for YoYo staff to work in full force on this massive software? It has been ages since a proper update to the actual tool around which all the YoYo lime coloured site exists.

    Instead of wasting time from the start creating Instant Play and other [****] they could have just started working on Mac port and added fixes/features for Windows at the same time.

    Note from Scorptek: We modified this comment to remove inappropriate words. Please avoid using such words in the future as you may be disqualified from winning monthly GMNews prizes and/or could be barred from submitting new comments. This is only a warning.

  6. @ Caniac
    Yes, he will even continue to do bug fixes. Just no major updates to the dll for the gm side.


  7. ahh.
    for any of you who didn’t look at the dlls he made..
    they were JAW DROPPING! everything was so realistec. the shadows were cool, the example was very nice, and you can make almost anyhting with it.
    just because 6 years ago Mark said that you can’t make a “quake” with game maker, doesn’t mean that it is true. I believe that U3D game GM that compatability…

    Mark needs to take it out of the manual. yes, having a good 3d game writing program helps, but having good dlls also hel[p


  8. @ Caniac

    My reaction was the same when I first used the dll. I was familiar with the older version, and while it was ok, it is nothing compared to the new one. I was simple blown away by the new version. It was absolutely stunning.

    @ Nikhil Sharma
    I beg to differ, it is quite a loss to GM. Using a primarily 2D tool, (Did you forget that GM now technically has 3d capabilities?) for 3D games is not crazy. Especially if said games are 2D in nature but use 3D graphics. (Many top down shooters do this, such as Aces High) I will admit, trying to make commercial 3D games would be foolish, but for hobby games, there is nothing wrong with it.


  9. I agree. I am just blown away with the dll…I myself am still learning the GM3d code… I type a line, edit the stuff test, ditto*1,000

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