iPlay works for 1 day, now obsolete

Sandy and GMC Administrator Chronic had only just finished announcing the release of a Firefox 3.0 compatible Instant Play plug-in when the Mozilla team decided to update its browser yesterday to version 3.0.1. For users still using version 3.0, they will be constantly reminded (in the form of a corner pop-up message) that they should upgrade to 3.0.1. Pretty soon most users will be up to date, and will be without a working Instant Play plug-in yet again.

The plug-in in its current state was not designed to install on future browser versions. It’s very unfortunate that just hours after YoYo Games took time to release the plug-in, it had already become obsolete. For users looking for temporary/work-around solutions, see below. At this time, there is no statement from YoYo Games to indicate if an when a new version of the plug-in will be available.

Chronic used this method to override compatibility of the plug-in:

Download the addon (YoYo.xpi, right click, save as.)
Rename from YoYo.xpi to YoYo.zip
Unzip to a new folder
Open Install.rdf in Wordpad
Find this line: em:maxVersion=”3.0.*.*” />
Change it to: em:maxVersion=”3.*” />

Once you’re done with that close and save the file and rezip all of the files in the folder and rename it to YoYo.xpi then drag it in to a firefox window to install it (uninstall the previous version first).

Now, I’m not sure that this will 100% fix the issue, but its working for me. So do this only if you must, otherwise wait for an official solution.

For users with the nightly tester tools add-on, you shouldn’t have to make any modifications, a simple press of the ‘override compatibility’ button should do the trick.

18 Responses

  1. Well someone up there doesn’t love YoYo for some reason…

  2. haha… this is funny…
    I could have guessed that somthing like this would have happened…
    oh well… I hate firefox anyway and if you use it, you get what you deserve… 🙂 (No offence intended…)

  3. I’m glad I was too busy to bother with the update…

  4. Good thing I was busy when the update message came…
    Now why didn’t YYG program the extension to be compatible with all versions of Firefox 3?

  5. That was just stupid.

    When Firefox installs an add-on, it check what are compatible versions of Firefox.
    In this case, the Firefox did not make any incompatibilities, but YoYoGames must have done something wrong with the version.

    em:maxVersion=”3.0.*.*” />

    Notice the 3.0.*.*. Since * means anything, it has 4 numbers. But Firefox version only has three numbers. 3.0.* should work.
    3.* is unsafe though, because it means “compatible with 3.1 and 3.5 and 3.9”, and I’m not sure if it is(although it probably is. Just not compatible with 4.0).

  6. I updated my firefox, then it said that the yoyogames plugin was out of date. I just re-downloaded it and it works fine. (Just tested it)

    I didn’t need to do a work around or anything. Is it possible that they have already fixed it? To anyone who hasn’t re-download the yoyogames plugin since firefox upgraded to 3.0.1. What is the version number to your yoyogames plugin? Mine is

    And to stave and questions no I don’t have nightly tester tools.

  7. Great, now YoYo guys can waste more time fixing this ‘not needed at all’ plugin.

  8. Usually, add-ons won’t become incompatible unless it’s a full version update (2 to 3, etc.). Most extension makers set it to 3.* The GMC Extension was set to 3.0

    Chronic’s solution would have worked before as well, as it’s just a version issue. You can also use any of the solutions posted before, both by GMNews, and in the GMC topic.

  9. They should have known, even asked Mozilla to send them a notice that there would be a new version coming sometime, with in the next week or so.
    At lest there has been a fix already, and not waiting weeks for it. 😛
    Even I knew that it was going to be out, check here even:

    I am sort of disappointed with YYG, though.


  10. They don’t have a connection with Fx, so how are they suppose to know an update will be released so soon. . People expect them to be working on the Mac version, rewriting GM, adding new things as well as contact companies at the same time.

    They worked hard to fix the Plugin for the current version and then Fx release an updated version hours later, how are they suppose to know this will happen and will make there plugin not work.

    @Mattthew_H – The link you posted only mentions a problem with security, not that a new updated will be released within a few hours – making the some plugins no longer work.

  11. «They worked hard to fix the Plugin for the current version and then Fx release an updated version hours later, how are they suppose to know this will happen and will make there plugin not work.»

    Like I said, YoYoGames did a stupid mistake.
    They wrote: 3.0.*.* instead of 3.0.* or 3.*.
    If they had done it properly, it would be compatible with 3.0.1 without ANY modification at all.

  12. oh well…
    thats too bad… maybe yyg will be able to fix the problem… but I still don’t know why,
    if it is so easy that they havn’t fixed it yet…

  13. Chronic :: July 18th, 2008 at 7:36 am
    “Um.. in version 2 cycle of firefox, the version numbers were typically So therefor its right to assume that version 3 would follow the same method, thus having a maxVersion of 3.0.*.* should have worked. However, firefox 3.0.1 only had 3 sections to the version number instead of 4, thus causing an issue.

    So its not right to blame this on yoyogames”

    I think that answers your comment.

    Note: I didn’t post where I got that from as the site is in ‘competition’ with this one. All I am saying is GMB.

  14. It should be noted that YYGs did everything in it’s plug-in distribution according to suggestions on the Mozilla Development Centre.

    From the extension versioning section:
    minVersion and maxVersion should specify the range of versions of the application you have tested with. In particular you should never specify a maxVersion that is larger than the currently available version of the application since you do not know what API and UI changes are just around the corner. With compatibility updating it is not necessary to release a whole new version of the extension just to increase its maxVersion.

    For the maxVersion it is generally permissible to use a * in place of the minor version of the application you support, for example 2.0.0.* would mean that you support any minor update to version 2 of the application. The application will usually suggest to extension authors which version part it is sensible to do this with.

    Do not mistakenly think that * in a version represents any version. The * actually represents an infinitely high number and so is really only sensibly used in the maxVersion. Using it in a minVersion usually doesn’t produce the effect you want.

    Of course, I expected the YYGs haters to use this as an opportunity to bash YYGs, without any consideration that they followed Firefox’s guidelines to a tee.

  15. Actually, 3.0.1 is a bug-fix release. There shouldn’t be any API changes.

    It was known for some time that Firefox would have only three numbers in the version.

    Of course, as long as they fix it…

  16. Nice find gamez93. That sums up and explains a lot.
    Nice find as well NakedPaulToast.

    Those two post together should stave off the YoYo Games haters. It was mostly just bad luck for YoYo Games.

    Has anyone else simply tried redownloading the plugin like I did? It worked for me!


  17. I don’t use FF, like I (think) I said earlyier.
    but, I have used it for web site dev… it is
    unfortunate that the plugin does not work,
    but that is life… as soon as you make it, somthing
    goes wrong 😀

  18. Not if you avoid unnecessary things

    In this particular case, if Firefox released, it would still work if they wrote
    3.0.* works for both x.y.z and a.b.c.d.
    I think the Firefox team had already said this before, but I don’t remember exactly where… so I guess I really can’t blame YoYoGames for not knowing…

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