C++ Runner, GMac, & iPlay update

Almost certainly the result of recent criticisms toward the company, the official glog has been updated twice for the first time in about a month to give progress updates on the current Game Maker related projects.

The glog’s latest post announces that a (limited) private beta of the C++ runner should be available sometime next week. The post also hints to indicate that there are no definite plans to release the C++ runner in the near future even if it works well now and throughout beta testing. Also, for those of you debating whether GM versions will in fact be available for other devices and operating systems, The post refers to Game Maker running on “other platforms” as a plural, almost certainly guaranteeing at least plans for other systems.

Lastly (and somewhat unfortunately), the Mac port of Game Maker has pretty much come to a dead stop for now. Sandy says they’ve “hit a barrier with teh Lazarus toolset” and that very little progress (if any) has been made on the Mac beta. So in other words, don’t expect a beta anytime soon (even though it is already a few months late).

In other news, YoYo Games managed to keep their word this time :). The Firefox 3 compatible Instant Play plug-in (being referred to as iPlay on this site) is now available for download on the YoYo Games website.

7 Responses

  1. Well good to finally see some updates!

    Wait, deja vu.

  2. Yeah, I’ll bet anything that the news post was because of all the recent hype. Not that that is a bad thing. That means that they are listening to the community. I praise them for the news post.

    That is sad about the Mac port. Still, The plural is a good sign. That means maybe a Linux and maybe the ability to export to other systems in the distant future.

    I noticed the “teh”, That was hilarious!


  3. Thank god for the updates!

  4. Yay, iPlay is up to date!

    But this is a good sign, it proves that the community does have influence in what they do.

  5. I’m glad that they finally updated… 🙂
    I hope that they fix the mac problems, and that the betas for C++ and mac come out soon…

  6. I hadn’t noticed the “teh” the first time I read the Official Glog, but I noticed it when I read this….


  7. Yes, Sandy had sent me an email saying that he would update the Glog in the days after the Open Letter with more information.

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