iPlay & GMC get updates

YoYo Games just announced the final release of the Firefox 3 Instant Play add-on that many users have being eagerly anticipating for the past few weeks. It is expected to be available for download tomorrow (July 15th) at around lunch time – GMT.

Although not indicated by the staff, this sudden news on the plug-in is likely the result of recent criticisms that started over an open letter to the Yo Yo Games staff that appeared on Connor Wilkins’ blog yesterday. One of the points brought up in the letter was a distinct lack of progress updates on the Firefox 3 compatible Instant Play plug-in. Until now, Firefox 3 users have been unable to play or download games from the YoYo Games website. This problem has also deterred new visitors from the site who are also unfortunate to be using the browser.

The GMC forum also got an update today. The forum now supports RSS feeds of the five most recent topics in the Announcements and Examples/Tutorials forums.

Also regarding the GMC – anyone who is using the GMC Extension (karma) plug-in, we are currently testing the skinning feature that enables users to choose their own theme/look for the forum. This feature should be available to the public sometime in the near future.

7 Responses

  1. Does the GMC extension support Firefox 3 yet? It hasn’t updated since the release of Fx 3.

  2. Sure it is. A compatible version was released June 20.


    Anyone interested in testing the beta features, please contact me.

  3. oh, the yoyo glog says that they will fix thr firefox problems soon. read it.

  4. Really, Caniac? I’m pretty sure what this post is for….

  5. hmm…
    it says nothing about firefox in the title,
    but id doesn’t talk about iPlay…
    soI didn’t bother to read it, as I have no interest in iPlay, so I contacted scorptek telling them that the glog was updated and posted here as I got no reply…

  6. In the last post about the Instant Play plug-in, I said in any future posts it would be referred to as iPlay in the interest of saving time and title space (just so you know).

  7. Yeah, I was thinking the same think about the sudden releasing of information. It followed on the heels of all of that hype too closely to be mere chance.

    I kinda like the term you coined up. iPlay. It made me laugh, so mac-ish (Not a bad thing.)

    Nice to know they finally got it fixed up.

    Check the Glog again. C++ runner news.

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