Russell & Craig & Vintage GMing

First stop on today’s news list is the latest issue of Russell’s Quarterly magazine.

Issue 3, like the previous two versions of the magazine is heavily text based with 72 pages worth of content.

Among the pages is a mountain of various articles and reviews covering all aspects of game design, including one article entitled “My Wife Asked Me to Write This” which made me chuckle.

Download it here.

Second on today’s list is Caveman Craig. You may remember this game as the second place winner by Rhys Andrews in the last YoYo Game’s competition. As of this moment the team is already working on a 2nd version of the game, and has released a public 1.5 Beta.

Last for today is caHarkness‘ attempt to push the limits and run Game Maker on less than adequate computing hardware. Specifically a laptop with a 40mhz processor, a few MB of memory and Windows 95. Although recent Game Maker versions 6 – 7 have much higher system requirements, caHarkness believes using GM version 1.1 or 2 on the laptop might be a possibility.
Discussion: Tell us if you’ve ever gotten Game Maker to run on a truly outdated, low-end or vintage PC

4 Responses

  1. This is one problem I believe should be fixed with Gamemaker.
    How you have to have a certain hardware requirements for Gamemaker and for the games made with it.

    What I mean is, that you can not have a GM7 game running on a Windows 95 machine, this maybe a large problem to people who are selling there games and want to have large range of people who are wanting to play the game, but can’t because of there masivly out date machine.

    I believe that with Gamemaker’s runner being re-written in C++, The person(s) who are writing it can tackle this problem & also optimize Gamemaker’s code so that you can have you’re games running faster and such.

    (Sorry if I rambled on for a bit there =D)
    – Matt

  2. caHarkness’ attempt is nothing special. Its been done many times before, and I’ve even helped some of my friends set up as high as GM4 on their older (95) PCs and laptops.

  3. I think that GameMaker should be able to run on earlier operating systems, all the way back to at least 98 (95 is iffy, and then before that is basically a waste of time).

    I mean as long as the computer has adequate hardware (enough RAM, a decent graphics card) and of course being able to run directx 9 then it should be good enough to run GM, doesn’t matter the OS. A lot of people prefer using 98 compared to XP.

    But of course the new registration security wont work on systems earlier than windows 2000, though, which must suck for some people.

  4. Lets face it, times change, computers grow more powerful. How many people still use 98 that are in to playing games? Very few.
    That was a whole ten years ago people!
    I think Linux support would be infinitely more useful than support for windows 98.
    I think, GM runs fine on most computers, the biggest thing would be overall speed improvements. For simple games, GM runs great 9/10 times. You only really run into problems with extreme graphics and massive games such as RTSs.
    To be frank, I don get this
    “attempt to push the limits and run Game Maker on less than adequate computing hardware.”

    Why? That would be like trying to run the mile.
    On one foot!
    Just my thoughts.

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