June 2008 Prize Winner

Congratulations to Qwertyman, this month’s prize winner!

For those who don’t know, Scorptek is now giving away prizes at the end of each month as a token of appreciation for the comments, news tips, and contributions written by our users that make the GMNews site possible.

As this month’s prize winner, Qwertyman gets a choice from 1 of about 25 awesome prizes for the PC, Wii, Xbox, PS3, and other gaming consoles. Please visit prizes page for more details on contest rules, eligibility and prize choices.

We also want to thank the following users for their contributions to the site, they were all very close to being this month’s prize winner:
– Caniac
– Elmernite
– Matthew_H
– LegoCrazy1

Stay tuned for more news and opportunities to win prizes. Reminder to this month’s winner, please contact us via e-mail as seen on the Prizes page.

If you would like to donate and help sponsor the prize give-aways, please see the about page. Every little bit helps, as currently the prizes are coming directly out of our pockets and are not being sponsored by anyone.


13 Responses

  1. Hey, I didn’t know about that, but it’s a great way to improve participation. Good idea.

  2. Congratulations Qwertyman!
    And, wow, I could have actually won? 😀
    That is something unexpected.
    Also, good job to all of the other people who got close to winning!

    – Matt

  3. Great stuff! Congrats Qwertyman!
    This prize stuff is fun.

    Have you ever thought of doing more non-major-news-blogs?
    Perhaps take a little known fun game from the GMC and review it? Grant it, you’re blog is called GM News, but I don’t think people would mind.

  4. RATS!
    I guess I came in second.
    I guess that means more trips to the glogs more frequently…

  5. @msr, yep just one comment or news tip puts you in the running for prizes each month.

    For those curious about the judging, here is the basic criteria:
    – A comment (about 1-2 paragraphs) that is on topic and does not advertise or break the rules earns 1 point
    – A comment which shows a lot of depth and effort put into it (around 2-4 paragraphs) will usually earn 2 points
    – A comment that does not contribute anything, or is off-topic, or is of little value (<7 words), generally is ignored
    – Each news tip will earn 1 point, however can earn 2 points if you put further research into the topic (rather than just linking to a post/site)

    @Elmernite, I have one other blog called LifeXplored (see bottom left column of this page). It has nothing to do with Game Maker, but I hope you will find it interesting.

    @Caniac, you were close. Although you posted often, each post you made tended to be very small, lacking a lot of content. Posts like these “WHO USES FIREFOX 3 ANYMORE?!?” tend to be ignored, and small posts usually earn only 1 point. Sometimes it’s better to focus on quality rather than quantity, although a combination of both will make you successful.

  6. Thanks for the link.

    Ahhh… So that’s how the judging works. I was wondering if it was total random name-pick-out-of-hat or a point based system. I was also wondering how useful submitting news tips was. Nice to have all of that cleared up.

    Time to go news hunting. (Where’s my fedora?) 🙂

  7. So I didn’t know about this at all either, ha ha, and yet I’m number 5, wow.

    But yes, congrats to Qwertyman. And, I do think this is a nice way to create discussion between topics. I actually like to read other peoples opinion on the matter at hand.

  8. What did Qwertyman pick out of the 25 prizes?
    I am just curious, because it really is a big deal to be 😀

    Again, congratulations to everyone, even if you did not win anything.
    We are all winners really, in a way, we are making this awesome Gamemaker news blog even better by each post, well – each informative post. 😀

    – Matt

  9. He hasn’t contacted us yet, however I’ll let you guys know when he does. I am guessing he hasn’t read GMNews yet or for sure he would have commented.

    If by the 15th of the month he hasn’t contacted us, we will send an e-mail reminder to his address to let him know he won. He has until Jul 31 to claim the prize.

  10. Ok.
    But what happens if he does not claim the prize? Will it go to someone else or will you just skip the prizes for the winner of last month?


  11. Sorry guys, I’ve been busy with the end of the term, moving to my new apartment and starting my summer job.

    But thanks! Um, do I pick here, or should I send you an email, Mr. Poole?

    By the way, was there a specific comment that won?


  12. @Qwertyman, you send him an e-mail,
    please read the rules.


  13. Just wanted to let you guys know we got in touch with Qwertyman and he has selected the USB Wifi Adaptor (For PCs & PSPs). We will be shipping it out to him shortly.

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