Firefox 3 & InstantPlay

For those of you who use Firefox, you may be aware that Mozilla just held a world-record-breaking 24 hour download marathon for the newly released Firefox 3. This means about 7 million people are now running Firefox 3, many of which are trying to use YoYo Game’s InstantPlay system.

The problem is, InstantPlay is not yet compatible with Firefox 3, and this of course is causing some concern amongst users and game authors. What is even more concerning is the fact that Firefox 3 users can neither InstantPlay nor Download a single game from the YoYo Games website.

What we find strange is the fact that the plug-in itself appears to be fully compatible with Firefox 3. When you use additional Firefox add-ons to override compatibility of the plug-in it appears to run flawlessly. The only problem holding back the plug-in seems to be the fact it hasn’t been approved for secure updates. New Firefox extensions now require either an SSL secure certificate or an approval from the Mozilla team. Apparrently the extension has neither.

According to a new glog post, Sandy Duncan has announced that they are working on the problem and in fact they had requested a change (did not specify what) to Firefox earlier on in the beta to help ensure compatibility in the final version. Apparrently this change was not made, but as far as we can tell from our view-point, this should not have prevented the YoYo Games team from adding the required security measures to make the add-on compatible.


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  1. “Sandy Duncan has announced that they are working on the problem and in fact they had requested a change (did not specify what) to Firefox earlier on in the beta to help ensure compatibility in the final version.”

    Wait, so the YYG team asked the Firefox developers to change the browser to accommodate them? Given YYG’s average release time for updates, expect Instant Play to be compatible with Firefox in a year or so.

  2. I don’t understand why they can’t get approval from the Mozilla team. It can’t be that hard considering yoyogames size and money. I was suprised that they didn’t have a SSL secure certificate

    It doesn’t really bother me. I hardly play the games on yoyogames anyway.


  4. oops…
    got the model number confused.
    for some reason, I Thought that I downloaded firefox 7 the other month… (it was most likley 2.7 or somthing…)
    (I am a web developer)

  5. @Caniac, yes Firefox 3 was just released yesterday. Approximately 7 million people downloaded the program in just 1 day. Think of how many people will be using it by the end of the month.

    @Qwertyman, that is our understanding from the latest Glog post where Sandy says “We asked them to make a small change during Beta testing…but they haven’t done anything about it”

    @Elmerite, It could be the add-on is not recognized/approved by Mozilla since it’s potentially very insecure. When you think about it, the extension could be used to run potentially damaging EXE programs on an unsuspecting user’s computer without their permission.

    Even with YoYo Games’ virus scanner, potentially dangerous programs can still be made, and there may be ways of exploiting the plug-in to run EXE games off of a third party website without any security/virus checks.

  6. What’s so hard about providing secure updates? YoYo has their own dedicated servers, do they not? I’m not sure of Firefox’s requirements, but I assume even a self-signed certificate would suffice. I’ve been using FF3 beta for months now without InstantPlay so this doesn’t bother me.

  7. Why don’t they get a SSL certificate anyway?

  8. Although everyone here has heard of YYG, how much of the FF user base uses the Instant Play plugin? How many requests to change the browser just a bit from random developers do you think the Mozilla team got?

    I’m sorry, but that’s a bit like asking Coca Cola to change their formula a little to suit your tastes.

  9. I believe Sandy meant the plug-in developers, not the FF team.

    Firefox’s security requirements are either an SLL update connection, which you can get by hosting your plug-in with them, or paying for, or making your own certificate with their special program. Most people opt for the latter, and I don’t know why YYG would not. If I have time later, I may look at what exactly the problem with the current extension is.

  10. Now, I am a Mozilla FireFox user & when I downloaded FF 3.0, I didn’t acttuly think that they would keep thoughs graphics, I don’t much like them and would rather have a skin that uses FF2 Graphics.
    Anyway, I never use the instant play feature, that is right, I never use it, why, I am a dial-up user & I would rather download the game anyway so that I can play it anytime that I wish.

    I think that it will take some time for Yoyo to fix this problem, seeing as FF3 has a tone more security than previous versions of Firefox.


  11. This is how to use the Instant Play add-on with Firefox 3.

    Step 1: Download the Nightly Tester Tools add-on (Google it).
    Step 2: Restart Firefox.
    Step 3: Download YYG Instant Play add-on.
    Step 4: Restart Firefox.
    Step 5: Enjoy.

    You are welcome. It works perfectly.


    -Brian LaClair (Noobfarm / Enter)

  12. 🙂 lol good thing I haven’t downloaded FF3 yet! Still with FF2

  13. There is which is pretty good 😛

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