YYG Competition 2… and 3

YoYo Game’s competition two with the theme Ancient Civilizations has finally come to a conclusion. The staff announced the decided winners earlier today, and here are the final placings:

FIRST PLACE ($1000): Ancient Ants Adventure by RedSystem – isometric shooter

SECOND PLACE ($500):Caveman Craig by RhysAndrews – Simulator

THIRD PLACE ($250): Tut’s Test by KC LC – 3D Puzzle

With about 260 entries to the competition, achieving first second or third place becomes very difficult. We give special congratulations to RedSystem, RhysAndrews, and KCLC for their super hard work, and we acknowledge the hard work of every one else who participated in the competition. Good work, and we wish all the best in any future competitions you participate in.

As for competition 3, it has already begun. The theme, if you do not know already is cooperation. The prizes are the same, but there are still some key differences in the new competition.

For one, YoYo Games requires that the game is playable in single player mode (implying that the game should also involve co-op or multiplayer modes). YoYo Games also recommends not using online severs to run the game (indicating any multiplayer game play should either be at the same computer, or run on a computer <=> computer basis rather than having a middle-man server in between.

The deadline for the competition is expected to be August 24th 2008, so get working now.

Unfortunately at the time I wrote this article, the YoYo Games server was down (again), so the source of most of the information is from an independent blog.

7 Responses

  1. OMG, stupid servers, of which are down still. I wanted to play the third place game, it looked cool. And you should have actually linked to those games…

    As for the third competition, I really think I’ll enter this one. Even though I’ve got this thing where I can’t seem to set up port forwarding on my computer (long story), so that may be a problem playing online against someone else. I’ll work out something though, or just make it multiplayer on a single computer.

    Lego Tech

  2. Ancient Ants was my favorite, well worth the victory.

  3. Sometimes I wish we were still in the 8-bit graphics days so that I might be able to sprite something. The graphics on those first two games are beautiful.

    I haven’t played Ancient Ants, but I’m hoping that it wasn’t just a normal game with “Ancient” tacked on to the front of the title.

  4. Qwerty, Just look at Cave Story. It’s a very popular 8-bit-styled freeware platform shooter. (Look it up, sweet game) The graphics all fit together, and it is an extremely well done game. It has become one of the legends of freware gaming.
    In other words, if you make a game that fits with the 8-bit graphics (one that feels like a game that could have been made in the 80s and 90s) and is very well done, 8-bit graphics can actually make the game better in stead of cheapening it.

    Anyway, congrats to all the winners of the competition. They deserve it =)

  5. My hearty congratulations to all the winners.
    Here is another site where you can find more competitions and events that are going to by held in the future.
    Hope will help to prove your talent.

  6. congrats winners,
    I was going ot enter a 3d chariot racing game, but I got discouraged, when I couldn’t make even one decent chariot. it was just a cylander, and a sheet of texture…

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