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According to a recent post by Sandy Duncan, Game Maker 8 will most likely be re-written in C++, making development for multiple platforms much easier. For now they are simply working on re-writing the runner and porting the ‘maker’ to Mac.

The main goal with the C++ runner is to essentially copy all the functionality of the current runner. When that has been accomplished, additional functionality may be added such as the ability to obfuscate the code, making decompilation of executables much more difficult. The main reason for using C++ Sandy says is for its portability, and not so much for increased performance.

Sandy also notes that there is only a “slight chance” the C++ runner will run games ‘faster’. Since the C++ runner was announced, this ‘chance’ was one of the main reasons the community has been so supportive of the idea.

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  1. Portability is necessary if YoYoGames wants to stay relevant. They are a business, and as such they have to do what’s best for them sometimes instead of what the users want… creating a solid base by getting rid of the Delphi codebase is very good. Don’t know why Mark chose such a weird language to begin with…

  2. Because Delphi isn’t “such a weird language?”

  3. Well, we’ll see. I would like to think there would still be some speed improvement. I would image it’s hard to completely recode an entire program in another language without speeding things up a little. Anything that was coded so-so in the early ones can be replaced. Who knows.
    Mostly, I’m willing to wait.

  4. You should be willing to wait Elmernite because I think that this will take a bit longer than Yoyo intened.

    Really, think about it, more than about 80,000 lines of code being completely re-written in about 12-ish months?

    And, I don’t think that Delphi is such a weird computer-based language actually, It may have been the coding language that Mark knew the best and think of how long it would take to have updated Gamemaker in C++? It is known as the hardest and most advanced coding language in the world you know.

    9 years, 9 years Gamemaker has been written with Delphi, do you think that if Yoyo didn’t take over Gamemaker Mark would still re-write something that he has been working on for 9 years?

    I very much doubt it.


  5. @Matthew:

    C++ really isn’t the hardest and most advanced – just by definition, C is harder than C++. And I’d argue that assembly language is more advanced. At least it’s not being written in any of these languages 😉

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say why, exactly, is this project taking so long? I rewrote a basic 3d physics engine in C++ in about a month. Altogether, this project comprised about 3k lines of code. Mind you, I was still in school at this time, so at most I worked on it about 2 hours a day. If I worked 8 hours a day on it, I’d finish the project in about a week. A week for 3k lines of code. I, by myself, would be able to rewrite 80k lines of code in half a year.

    Now I know the YYG staff has a lot of work on their hands, and rewriting the runner is probably more advanced than anything I was doing, but Game Maker is their core product. Not the YYG forums, not the GMC, but the program itself. We haven’t seen a significant update in around a year. I really think they need to stop devoting so much time to the fluff and get down to the nitty gritty. I think YYG has really dropped the ball in this regard.

    Just my 2c.

    -Brian Dolhansky

  6. I read that games in C++ are going to be about the same speed, so yoyo is actually wasting their time…

    can I have one of thos nice looking prizes 😉
    (I DID post 🙂 )

  7. Perhaps you missed:

    “The main reason for using C++ Sandy says is for its portability, and not so much for increased performance.”

  8. @Caniac once you post a comment or submit a news tip you are automatically eligible to win the monthly prize give-away. At the end of the month one user will be selected to receive the give-away prize (see prizes page for details).

    As far as I know, the only time we’ll really get a performance increase (i.e. speed boost) is when YoYo Games can re-write Game Maker to produce compiled executables rather than ones with code that need to be interpreted at runtime.

  9. @Qwertyman:
    Well, maybe C++ Isn’t the most advanced programing language out there then.
    But, when you wrote the 3D physics engine, the resin it may not have taken so long to make it because it is not as advanced as Gamemaker, really, think about it, Gamemaker is a powerful game & software authoring tool, do you think that it would be so simple to re-write? and especially since Mark has made it to relent on DirectX, it will take some time.

    But of course, it shouldn’t take much longer than it already has.
    I also agree with what Qwertyman said about the site and forum, it is the software that makes people come to the GMC! and they will stop coming if the software is not updated (With in a large amount of time).

    YoYo should just get a move on with updating Gamemaker, it is there main product, so they should start working on it a bit harder maybe.

  10. I love how Mark said that there were not going to be 3D functions for Game Maker and there wasn’t going to be a Game Maker for other platform or games on other system. With the coming of GM6 we had 3D and with the coming of GM8 we will have a Mac version.
    I think we should be thankful that Mark’s hard work found recognition from YoYoGames and now GM will be extended even more with each version!

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