Mark – Seeking help on Animation Project

Mark Overmars is currently seeking help for an animation experiment conducted by his research group at the Utrecht University.

According to a post by Mark on the GMC:
“One of the topics we study is how to create walking animations out of short recorded motions of real people. The main problem here is to blend the motion segments to create realistically looking total motions. It is difficult to establish what “realistic” means here.”

In total there are 43 questions (separated into 2 parts) in the survey which involve viewing animations and rating how realistic they appear.

The survey/experiment is located here. A winner will be drawn for a free iPod shuffle gift
(on a side note: don’t forget GMNews is also giving away prizes every month for adding comments to articles or submitting news tips to


8 Responses

  1. Nice that was a quick get!
    It sounds interesting…

    There, I went ahead and did it. the hands really made it hard to judge though. Some looked pretty nice though, so long as it didn’t turn to sharp it looked good.

  2. I started doing it, but I think to much pressure on myself comparing the different ones so I quite a few animations in. Plus I was a little pressed for time when I started doing it.

    But all in all I think its a cool experiment.

  3. I found it took (or at least seemed, watching near-identical animations over and over again gets tiring quickly) longer than the 10-15 minutes they estimated. Also, as Elmernite mentioned about the hands, they didn’t give a good description of what parts of the animation we were supposed to judge, so I would up discounting arm motions entirely.

  4. Well, It’s not Mozilla Firefox friendly, thats for sure

  5. Yeah, I tried not to judge by the hands but it makes it very hard.
    Yes, I do find it took pretty long. It was extremely boring which may have made it seam longer than it really was.
    Still, I’m lazy, and the chance of a prize is what got me. 🙂

  6. I wonder why they think it won’t work properly in Firefox? It’s just an embedded Windows Media Video.
    Interesting that they never tell you the size of the iPod. I guess I’d assume it’s the 1GB model.

  7. It only works in Internet Explorer? No thanks. I’ve got it, but I’m not supporting anyone that won’t allow Safari or at least FireFox to use their site.

  8. Thanks for the great article. Keep up the good work.

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