I’m sure most of you are aware of the Obfuscator floating around the GMC. It is an effort to help protect game executables from decompilation by making the source code so difficult to interpret that it wouldn’t be worth the effort for someone to try and steal and use the code. We forgot to feature an article on this program when it came out, but better late than never.

The Obfuscator works with both GM6 and GM7 and provides protection by:
– Deleting comments left by the programmer
– Giving variables & resources a computer generated name (providing no indication of what purpose they serve in the code)
– Inserting ‘crap’ (Read as random gibberish to confuse the person reading the source)

While it’s not ‘fool proof’, it certainly acts as a strong deterrent against game source thieves.

Check out the GMC topic here.

12 Responses

  1. It does do what it’s supposed to well, but they can still just as easily steal the resources though, so it’s still not entirely perfect.

  2. Use external resources and compression for them, that can make it really hard to obtain if the source file is obfuscated. You see, no thumbnails in the GMK, more frustration and confusion for the potential thief.

  3. Russian version GM Obfuscator 2.0.2 RUS please enjoy! [link removed]

    Message from Scorptek: Please do not advertise your website in comments. Additionally, please refrain from double posting comments, especially when advertising links.

  4. New link for GM Obfuscator 2.0.2 RUS please
    Enjoy !!! [link removed]

    Message from Scorptek: Please do not advertise your website in comments. Additionally, please refrain from double posting comments, especially when advertising links

  5. galstuk,

    Have you not read the obfuscator’s license?

    “This software is provided as-is and may only be redistributed on the condition that no modifications are made to the original package”

    As you have translated the obfuscator, you have made changes to the original package and redistributed this, effectively braking the license I have clearly written. Ironically, you also translated the same license.

    Please immediately cease and desist any further derivate works of my obfuscator, lest legal action be put against you.

  6. Schreib,

    Obfuscator it is translated only into Russian!
    According to the licence the initial code of the program is not changed!!! The translation into Russian is made that Russian users Game Maker too could use it!!!
    In Russia it is a lot of users who do not know English language. Therefore such program is simply necessary in Russian. Your name in the program too is specified as you are the author!
    And I personally wish to express you gratitude for creation of such necessary program. Understand, that in Russian it is very necessary!!! Yours faithfully galstuk.

  7. galstuk, the author didn’t want any modification of the program. You changed strings
    However you could just take a screenshot of the program and create a manual in Russian if it’s that necessary.

  8. Unfortunately, the game gets probably bigger, since junk is inserted.
    Unless, of course, lots of comments were used in the original one.

  9. It’s a small price if you’re willing to protect your source, it doesn’t get much bigger though.

  10. Why not use a general EXE obfuscator instead?

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