GM7 plays nice with WINE

An interesting topic is picking up some interest on the GMC, about a new version of WINE (for linux) which claims to be able to run GM7 games without too much trouble. For a while now GM5 games have been working with WINE without much difficulty, but this is one of the first reports of GM6 or GM7 games running successfully.

According to topic poster, the latest version of WINE (0.9.49) allows both the Game Maker software and game executables produced by GM7 to run well with the Linux Operating System. Some of this is attributed to general bug fixes which now provide more support for software wrappers / copy protection systems such as Softwrap. However, it is also worthy to note that there are some reports of graphical issues during game play for some games.

The poster also recommends using the command wine explorer /desktop=foo,800×600 to run GM7 games to ensure best compatibility (replacing 800X600 with the game resolution, if known).

This discovery could bring the unfortunate end to a well respected project called LGM. LGM (Lateral Game Maker) is an effort to bring an IDE/Graphical User Interface for Game Maker to a wide range of Operating Systems (including Linux) that would normally not be able to use Game Maker. If the native GM7 interface now works with Linux, it could make the project obsolete.

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  1. 0.9.49? The latest version of WINE? What happened to 0.9.61 and 1.0-rc1?
    LGM is open-source so it won’t be too affected. It is still bringing gm6 file documentation to the public in an easily readable format (Java). It will probably just make its relationship with G-Creator and ENIGMA even closer and they’ll bet in innovation rather than copying GM.

  2. LGM still will be useful. It sometimes can open corrupted files even when gm7 cant. It also can convert gm7 to gm6 (as long as you do not use any of the new features). It also is a part of Enigma.

  3. That was the latest version of WINE when the topic was posted. at the moment though it’s 1.0rc-1

    I plan to test gm7 on both that version and 1.0, if my internet speeds up a bit.

  4. The executables don’t work on Fedora 9, but GM7 does. (Same version, and newer version.)
    Some other people tried it on Ubuntu 7.10. (And failed)

  5. And others tried it on Ubuntu 7.10 with WINE and had success, except for the graphical glitches in the graphic editor, and the inability to run games in the editor.
    I will try soon on Ubuntu8.04 and post results.

  6. This has not hindered LGM in any way. If anything, it has made us stronger, and has encouraged us to innovate. In fact, since the news, I’ve created a website for LGM: and have made some significant changes to the Sprite Editor.

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