YYG: Surprise 500

Update: It looks like the server error might be related to a problem with the website’s MySQL server or database. According to the WordPress error which has taken over the official YoYo Games Glog, there is an “error establishing a database connection.”

It’s hard to miss our previous posts about YoYo Games’ new unreliable web-server, but we just can’t miss an opportunity to point out that the YoYo Games website has been down all afternoon, again.

When visiting YoYoGames.com, users are presented with this error:YYG Error

Upon closer inspection, the server is spewing out a 500 code error. 500 series errors are very general, and essentially mean something has gone very wrong (on the server end), but the web server can’t specifically pin-point what the cause of the problem is.

This is different to earlier site outages which seemed to be the result of temporary power loss and completely unresponsive server software.

So is this the result of the new host being unreliable, a defected lemon server, or just an unlikely coincidence? That question remains to be unanswered, but if this continues to happen, I think it’s safe to say we can rule out the coincidence part.


3 Responses

  1. I feel kinda bad for them. They sure as hell don’t need any more bad publicity

  2. Why do you feel the need to mention every single occasion on which a problem occurs with the YoYo Games website?

  3. Maybe they could try switching to a new host and server?

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