Microsoft Releases Simple Game Creator

This May Microsoft released their own free game creator, Popfly Game Creator, as part of their Popfly social networking effort. The current version is limited to two-dimensional, online games only and requires Microsoft Silverlight and a Microsoft Passport account.

At first try, it appears that the kit is very, very easy to use, with the result (as usual) being that the games all tend seem like the kits they came from. In fact, you can select a game type (I tried Fire Cars) and it will play right then with no more modifications. The only reason this has a chance of success is that Microsoft, with all its manpower, has created an extensive assortment of drop-in characters, scenes, games, sounds, you name it.

Games created with this appears to require Silverlight and are locked to applications that can run Javascript, namely browers and Vista’s Sidebar. What impact this new entry to the easy game creation market will have is currently anyone’s guess.


4 Responses

  1. See, this is why being cross-platform will inevitably benefit Game Maker. This Microsoft thing could cause some problems, but (just like Adobe Photoshop versus all the other also-ran image editors) the cross-platform application will win. Plus, Game Maker has a huge user base. I doubt any of us are going to be moving our code bases to something so limited anytime soon.

  2. That is exactly the problem with most game making tools. They tend to make their tools too easy to use, so easy that they aren’t quite flexible.

    Game Maker is a perfect example for a game making tool. Its easy to use, yet its flexible as well.

  3. My problem with Game Maker 7 is that it makes games for Windows only. And it cannot make games for Smartphones and pocket PC and mobile phones and Apple and Linux and other non-Windows platforms. That is so limiting.
    Making games for portable devices would be good so that you can feel free carrying them around like you would the Gameboy Advance.

  4. lol. thats why I work on G-Flash.
    it is a free, open source compiler, that converts GM games to Flash for FREE!


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