YYG Roller Coaster Down Hill

After a long week of website maintenance and down-time, it appeared YoYo Games had finally solved the issues they were having with their server. Yesterday their website was fully restored to normal operation for the first time in days.

Unfortunately for us users, it appears there are still a few glitches on the system and once again the YoYo Games roller coaster is plunging down-hill. Something has gone terribly wrong, but it’s unclear what at this point. A preliminary investigation shows that the server is actually running when you PING it (a method of requesting a response from a server computer). However when any http pages are browsed on the website, the connection hangs and eventually times-out.

Once again the official Glog is also down, leaving many a user unsure about what the cause of the problem is, or when they can expect the server to be running again.

It’s also important to note that these problems have only started occurring after moving to a new server location / hosting service. Prior to the move, YoYo Games had never experienced such drastic outages and down-times. YoYo Games should have clued in that this new host was not right for their organization when there was a power-outage at the web host within the first couple of days using the new server.

It is now about a full week since the server move, and the site has only been fully operational for a fraction of this time. This (as many of you know) has caused concern for users entering the current YoYo Games competition (which was supposed to have closed several days ago). We do know at this point that the deadline has been extended twice already, but it looks like the deadline may have to be postponed yet again.

Update: Site seems to be a little slow, but has returned to normal operation for the most part. This may be temporary though.


5 Responses

  1. Yoyogames have a bad luck server

  2. Why is it so hard to keep a server running? Three or four of the sites I visit regularly (two of them Game Maker sites) have gone down in the past two weeks for no apparent reason. I will never understand why a box hooked to a network and placed in an air conditioned room is so hard to maintain, or why server upgrades/moves are so common.

  3. “Roller Coaster Down Hill”? Your article reads like a tabloid. You’re making a huge deal out of very little. YoYoGames needs to get their act together, but there’s no question that they’ll make it through this, and power outages can be totally random. Just because it happened early on didn’t make it any more likely that it would ever happen again. Your reasoning is flawed.

  4. The ‘Roller Coaster’ is referring to the fact that YoYo Games’ website seems to go up and down intermittently, and at the time the article was posted, the roller coaster had taken another dive down hill.

    If there is a power outage on the first day you move to a new host, and you have no information regarding their service reliability prior to the move, it is not unreasonable to assume or prepare for the possibility the web host may have an unstable and unreliable service.

    In addition to this, most hosts have UPS back-ups as well as Generators to ensure power-outages don’t ever happen. The fact there was one, suggests the host is not offering a top-notch service.

  5. Funnily enough, they decided to move to the new host because they were so impressed with the service they received from them when they were used for the GMC.

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