YYG Full Shutdown

Seems as though the YoYo Games website has been having numerous technical difficulties today (as a result of the server switch). Earlier this morning there were reports of Server Busy/Fault (500 series) errors. As of now the website appears to be completely dead in the water, with not even a note to let users know what’s happening.

The Glog (the official news source for the YoYo Games company) also appears to be down, leaving many users stranded with no explanation of the sudden disappearance.

For those who go to the GMC, they may have noticed the many announcements YoYoJim & Sandy have made explaining the situation.

The first announcement reads:

You may have noticed that YYG has been suffering some performance issues today. Up to and including failing to load. This is a problem at our hosts and we’re assured should be fixed soon. Fortunately the GMC is on a different server and hence is still fully functional. Please bear with us (and them) while we try to resolve the problem.

The second:

The site still has problems…can’t be sure when this wil be fixed. there was a “brown out” at our data center this morning resulting in the complete loss of power to several of their racks…including the one with the main YoYogames site. This seemed to be fixed 2 hours ago, but the problems keep recurring. Bear with us and repeated apologies.

At this point, if I were YoYo Games, I may consider switching back to the old host, or finding a new one. It’s only been a couple of days since the move and there have already been major power outages and server faults at the web host.

And finally,

If it’s any help….this is driving me nuts. I’m sitting at home at 9pm in the evening and there’s nothing I can do myself to restart the applications…the server SEEMS to be running….looks like the outage has caused an application problem and I don’t know how to restart them 😦 trying to contac the guys SORRY, SORRY, SORRY…..

No doubt the competition will have to be extended yet again, and by the looks of it the YoYo Games staff are becoming quite desperate to get the server up and running.


5 Responses

  1. Yikes, this could be pretty bad. They might lose a ton of regular visitors due to this.

    I’m extremely thankful that the Game Maker Community is on a different server, though. 😉

  2. And so close to the end of the second competition… They should have waited till after the deadline to switch switch, IMHO.

  3. They will extend the competition deadline, that’s not the problem. So anyone that wants to submit a game just has to wait a bit more. However since the GMC is alright, we should stick there while the problems are being fixed. They are just learning by trial and error.

  4. Well it’s back up, but it’s always more responsible to do anything after an important deadline, then to upgrade and cross your fingers that you won’t have to push the deadline back.

  5. Huh, dunno about you guys, but I’m still having no luck in accessing it.

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