YYG Delay & Competition Pushback

Sandy has kindly informed us on the YYG Glog that due to the unforeseen delays in the server move, the second of the company’s competitions will have have it’s deadline pushed back (new deadline is not yet set).

This has come as a relief to many concerned participants of the competition who were finding it difficult to make sure the game was submitted before the deadline was reached. Other users were having trouble communicating with their own team members since they relied on the YoYo Games’ (now non-functional) personal messaging system.

If all goes well, the server will be back in full operation later today/early tomorrow (Friday GMT).

UPDATE: Server still not up and running normally (Since it’s the end of Friday, the last business day of the week in the UK, the server may not be fully restored until Monday). Also, the competition deadline has now been extended to Wednesday (April 30th) at midnight  GMT.


One Response

  1. wow, what a relief. i was getting worried. fyi, it is currently friday, April 25, 10:39 AM and the site is not up yet.

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