YYG Forum Abuse

The Game Maker Community decided from early on not to have a ‘general discussion’ or off-topic area on the board. The assumption was it would be abused by immature users and would create way too much work for the moderators to cope with.

It looks like that assumption is not at all far off. Contrary to the decision of the GMC staff, the YoYo Games staff decided it was in the best interest of the community to have a general discussion forum at forums.yoyogames.com.

This poor decision has left some disturbing and immature posts left throughout the board.

One user writes: “Post weird funny things you did. // I’ve farted in an elevator.”

Another writes: “If you want, type here weird ways to die. // I don’t know where this idea came from, so don’t ask.  // For example: being pelted to death by anchovies.”

So for all those users who keep complaining about a lack of a general discussion area on the GMC, you should be thankful. It serves very little (if any) purpose as shown above, and if you wish to talk about random unrelated topics, there are several chatrooms and forums out there to do so. 

Also, if you are mature enough to make contributing forum posts to the community, there is a general off topic board (and chat) set-up for GM users to check out here.


4 Responses

  1. Off-topic is indeed not a good idea, especially not with the amount of kids on YoYo Games 🙂

  2. Heh! Look at them crawl, stupid, stupid people thinking that the majority of GM users are mature enough to handle even a “off-topic” area of some sort.

    Gotta love the total randomness and lack of any shred of intelligence in those examples.

  3. The YoYo Games forum has been full of “immature posts” pretty much since its launch.

    “The Game Maker Community decided from early on not to have a ‘general discussion’ or off-topic area on the board.”
    The ezboard forum had an off topic section, and I wouldn’t call October 2003 “early on” in the life of GameMaker.

  4. I would say 2003 was pretty early on.. considering there were very few members back then (relative to how many there are now) and the majority of members on the ezboard respected each other, and weren’t going around posting nonsense.

    However it started to become apparrent when moving to the new forum that as Game Maker and its community grew, an off-topic forum was not going to work out too well.

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