GMac/Linux Nearing Beta

Sandy Duncan has informed us that he saw a demo of the Mac version of Game Maker yesterday. Mark Overmars is currently in the process of deciding whether it is beta-worthy, and if so when the beta release date will be.

One thing Sandy does note is that Leopard (OS X 10.5) may be required to run the software when it is released as a beta. This could pose a problem for a lot of Mac users since it’s similar to saying ‘only works on Vista’ for PCs.

For the first time we know of, Sandy also gave a short statement of the possibility of a native Linux version of Game Maker coming out sometime this year. This is likely dependent on how well the Mac version of Game Maker performs, and is unlikely to have a release ready before the Mac version is public.

6 Responses

  1. This is cool. I hope it doesn’t require Leopard… I can’t believe I’m saying this since I usually chomp at the bit for the next OS X release, but I don’t really want to upgrade… (not enough RAM)

  2. I’d absolutely LOVE a native Linux port. That would be sweet!!!

  3. I hope I can be a beta tester. I have a Mac, running Leopard. I have been going crazy to start using GM for Mac. It would be great, as I could be the first to review it in my GM Fetch magazine.

  4. now they just need to compile it *rolls eyes*

  5. Linux port! YAY! That is awesome..

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