ENIGMA First Release

A build of ENIGMA was released to the public for the first time today. It is a project by JoshDreamland and others designed to be open-source, cross-platform competition to Game Maker.

ENIGMA uses LateralGM (by IsmAvatar and others) as its IDE, but it is currently only an alpha release that doesn’t do much of anything. LGM opens and edits Game Maker files, and they can then be compiled with ENIGMA. ENIGMA parses GML into C++, which will supposedly allow it to be a drop-in replacement for GM.

Currently only scripts, objects and rooms have any functionality, but even this seems to have caused considerable buzz among the project’s rabid fans over at 64Digits. Note that we’ve talked about both ENIGMA and LGM in the past.


5 Responses

  1. Revision 1 is up now ^_^

  2. Rabid fans, eh? Well, I guess 64Digits has been a big part of ENIGMA’s development, seeing as all the people working on the project are from there, practically. There are some glaring issues in this release that are due to be fixed soon.

  3. […] touted the first release of ENIGMA (the open source project designed to convert Game Maker source files […]

  4. I bashed ENIGMA somewhere else, but I’ve come around and think it’s pretty cool. While I think the lack of Mac support is a huge issue, especially with Game Maker for Mac coming up, this does stand to be interesting. The fact that it compiles it as an actual application is pretty impressive and I look forward to messing around with it and even possibly compiling my games (until the GM for Mac comes out) with it.

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