Ok, this isn’t exactly “Game Maker” news, but every once in a while we’ll post something a bit off topic if it relates to a service we are releasing.

The service is called “LifeXplored”

It is a blog that I (Benjamin Poole) will maintain in addition to the GMNews service for the purpose of allowing me to express my ideas, thoughts, opinions regarding just about any subject or issue we deal with in life. The blog will be used to hold discussions on various in-depth topics relating to anything from the meaning of our existence to the idea that ‘global warming’ could be just a myth, and not the result of our pollution. I hope that many of you will contribute to the blog, and it should be an interesting learning experience for all of us.

I have already posted my first article relating to the way we perceive the concept of time, and how our brain allows us to perceive time differently based on the scenario we are faced with.

An rss feed of the LifeXplored blog has also been added to the bottom of the left sidebar on this blog.

Link to LifeXplored.

4 Responses

  1. When I saw the first header: “Does the pot really take longer to boil when you watch it?”, I decided not to bookmark it. Sorry 🙂

  2. Make sure you read all the content before you judge it. 🙂

  3. This is something that I have noticed, and can be irrelevant or even false. maybe I’m just psycho. This is a simple experiment in which you can do easily to ‘feel’ the difference in time. Ok, its really this simple although it will only work 2 people who listen to music a lot(or the same song a lot). rap songs are easiest to ‘feel’ the difference because of the constant beat. Anyways, this is what you do.
    1. Listen to music while going to sleep.
    2. when you wake up(and if ur earphones are still in), if you just lay there for awhile, and a song that you are quite familiar with, you will notice that the song is going a lot faster than the usual beat.
    3. on the other hand try listening to music when you are extremly tired(right after you ran a mile,etc). You’ll notice that the beat of the song is quite slower.(this usually makes me feel weird and pissed off).

    Thats just something that I noticed, I hope you all feel interested in it.
    1 thing that is interesting about this is, when you try to sing along, although you know that it is going slower/faster, you are singling a long the same as the song 😉

  4. It’s certainly random.

    Also did the totally un-gamemaker-related blog die after just 2 posts?

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