Attack causes GMC load times

Since the forum upgrade, many users have started complaining about long loading times for pages on the GMC. Some users indicated wait times of over 30 seconds, others explained how their browser reported a ‘connection reset’ when trying to access a page. This happened more than once for long periods at a time, and the cause seemed to be a mystery until now.

According to Marc (not to be confused with Mark) who manages much of the GMC forum software and back-end programming, multiple DoS or Denial of Service attacks were directed at the GMC over the past few days. This caused extremely large delays in page load time and the server (even with its new upgrade) was struggling to keep up. For those of you who don’t know, a DoS attack works by sending thousands and thousands of requests to a server simultaneously from multiple computers in attempt to crash the server.

Unlike many other forms of attacks, a DoS attack is hard to prevent. This is because there are likely hundreds or more computers organized in the attack and blocking all of them becomes a very difficult task; and even if they are all blocked, the perpetrator has probably already set-up a new set of computers for attack. Sandy Duncan notes that some new Anti-DoS attack software is being installed along with an upgrade to the firewall to help prevent any future attacks from affecting the GMC operation.