GMBed, Free Instant Play Alternative

The folks over at the G-Java forums (specifically TGMG) have been working on a very interesting and exciting project that is sure to spark some interest. Lately there has been a large need for services or software that will allow Game Maker Games to run in browser windows, unfortunately until now the only options have been Instant Play (which only works on the YoYo Games website and does not embed game windows) and other licensed (expensive) alternatives such as Web Game Builder.

Unlike the current ‘Instant Play’ type projects and software, GMBED is free to use and embeds the game directly into the browser window. To top it all of, the end user does not even need to install any additional plugins, as the module which embeds the Game Maker games runs off of a Java applet. GMBed also has the added advantage of being created specifically for Game Maker games (where some of the other projects floating around work with general executables and have been known to have issues embedding some Game Maker games).

Try out one of the test games here!

According to TGMG, GMBed will work on any executable but was designed especially in mind for GM7 games. Using the ‘plugin mode’ on GM7 games allows the game to only download the game data and not the 2 mb runner data common to all GM games. This way loading times can be cut down considerably and a game that is normally 2.3 mb may only need to download 300kb before it’s ready to run.

The project is just entering the testing stages, so it still has a couple of issues but other than that it is working smoothly and looks very promising.

For more information about the project, see here.
From our testing it seems to work with almost any Windows web browser which supports Java (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera & Safari (mixed reports))

NOTE (from bendodge):

There is another Instant Play-like solution called GMX. It is currently in beta development by the folks over at Covac Software.