Domain change & GM-online

If you haven’t noticed already, we have now officially switched over from to
Old links to will still remain active (indefinitely), however we recommend that all new links and rss feeds ( be set to use the new URL address. Also ‘’ (as well as .org and .ca) will also continue to function as per normal, although we are now considering this url deprecated. If you have any further questions about the url change, email

In other news, an interesting piece of software called Web Game Builder has popped up on the GMC. It allows any Windows executable to run embedded in a browser window. It looks quite promising, although it appears some GM games take a while to load (as expected) but if the player decides to navigate away from the page while the game is still loading, it appears to still open and then embed itself in whatever window/tab the user is viewing.

There is also one more major problem with the software. It is only compatible with Internet Explorer right now. According to them ‘don’t worry’ because that means only 3 out of 4 users will be able to play the game (hardly something to ignore). The company who built the software did say however that the next version will have FireFox support, making it a superior alternative to the YoYoGame’s Instant Play feature.

It also has the added benefit of being able to embed the game on your own website, however it is important to note that the cost of the program is about 2.5 times that of Game Maker (compared to YoYo Games’ free Instant Play feature). It is still something to keep an eye on, and hopefully YoYo Games will be able to implement a similar ’embedding’ feature in their browser plug-in in the near future.

The plugin also poses a security threat though; web pages can be coded to automatically download and run a virus executable on the client computer without the user even knowing until it is too late (assuming the client has the plugin installed).

4 Responses

  1. “The company who built the software did say however that the next version will have FireFox support, making it a superior alternative to the YoYoGame’s Instant Play feature.”

    Is YYG Instant Play just not supported under FF? I know it works with Firefox.

    But the fact is that many computer savvy users who would play something like the above are FF users.

  2. To clarify, by ‘superior alternative, I was referring to the fact that the web game builder embeds games in the browser window (where Instant Play lacks that feature). Meaning if web game builder were to obtain FF support, the two plug-ins would be on more or less equal ground, except for the embedding advantage.

  3. YYG will still have the advantage of only having to download half the file size of a normal GM exe. So it’ll probably always remain slightly faster when starting..

  4. GmX supports all that and more. And it’s specifically for GM. I can’t see why people would want a different alternative, especially lacking many features.

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