GMC: Logo, final verdict?

Mark Overmars has formally expressed his opinion on the subject of the YoYo Games logo placement. This has been a topic of controversy lately as many users have become frustrated with the fact that the YoYo Games logo is not only dominating the forum, but also unexpectedly redirecting users to when they accidentally click the logo in an attempt to read the board index.

Mark says

Familiarity with the old way is not a good reason for not making changes. It would stop most progress in the world.
You will soon be used to clicking on the image to the right rather than on the left.

So I really don’t think we are going to change this.

 He also notes that the traffic to the YoYo Games site significantly increased yesterday, but does not attribute this to the accidental image clicks. He also indicates that in order to generate more revenue, they have to find ways of increasing traffic to the YoYo Games site, and one of those ways is to place the logo in the GMC’s header.

Off topic: Instant Play is not compatible with Firefox 3 Beta 4, which is now considered a stable release ready for the average user. It will be formally released as a non-beta in the upcoming months. Since most games on the site no longer have a download option, there doesn’t seem to be anyway of playing the games with this soon to be popular browser version.

 EDIT: Mark is getting a little annoyed now about all the criticism concerning the logo placement, he writes:

It seems that whenever we make some improvement (at least in our eyes) we get this discussion. Maybe we should stop making improvements and go back to the old server with its security issues and errors.


9 Responses

  1. Just YYG screwing things up again, Game Maker has gone from a great working program to a company that’s just in it for the money

  2. thank you for pointing out what has been bugging for a loooong time(Firefox beta thing). Ya, thats why I rarely go to YoYoGames anymore.

    Besides, Mark is right, if we keep sticking to the old ways we will never improve and move one, just a little hindrance you’ll probably grow over in a couple of months really, nothing bad.

  3. @Garion: no. they’re not ‘just in it for the money,’ and they’re not the ones screwing things up. there’s still a link to the forum index, and the one in the breadcrumb trail is still in exactly the same place. quit whining. and the firefox thing is not their fault, plenty of plugins are incompatible with it. they just need time to update it.

  4. Good, he’s just carving himself up for me. The more people angry at his decisions, the better off ENIGMA will be.

    Also, wonderful new GMC upgrade. Nothing works, just like before. ^.^

  5. I take full credit for starting that argument 😛

  6. I don’t have a problem with missed clicks, it’s the psychology behind the placement. Generally the parent or sponsoring company will be placed in the upper right corner of the screen, with the forum/web page itself in the upper left. Like others have said, it’s the GMC, not the YYG forums. If I were to see the GMC for the first time in its current state, I would assume it’s the YYG forums, sponsored by the GMC.

    It’s kind of depressing that Mr. Overmars is ignoring his user base. The poll is pretty overwhelming. it’s around 140 – 30 right now. Is this blatant corporate disregard? Probably not, but I’m sure YYG has a pretty large say in the logo placement as they provided the funds for the changeover. But ignoring the opinion of your users is not a wise move.

  7. No download option? What the hell? I guess I’m glad I’ve never put any of my games up there, then.

  8. How about the ignorance of our users?
    How about blocking other users by removing the download option (Opera, FF3, Safrari…)

    YYG games just want the money. They don’t care about the program, they just want money. If you want reasons, think the poor ad placement on the site, think about letting us have adverts on our games (how much of that will we get to keep?) and now the link to YYG on the GMC. Couldn’t they simply just move the GMC and YYG logo around?

  9. I’m quite sick of people saying YYG is just in it for the money and they are going to wreck GM. Do you really think YYG is going to destroy the program that is their main income? YYG would be nothing without GM.

    Do think GM, the GMC would be where it is today without YYG? MO doesn’t have the money to throw around to upgrade the servers, he doesn’t have the time to make a MAC version of GM and a C++ re-build.

    If YYG didn’t come in I could see GM dead within a few years because I doubt MO wants to work on GM for the rest of his life. Soon he will want to retire and move on. If YYG didn’t come in what do you think would of happened to GM without upgrades?

    YYG has listened to it’s users. They are re-building GM in C++, as users requested. They have upgraded the GMC servers and software, as users requested. They are adding new ways for people to earn money off their games.

    YYG needs adverts to earn more income until the business is very stable. There would be no businesses in the world if the companies weren’t there to earn money. Do you really expect a company to do everything you ever wanted for nothing? If anyone feels that way, they are an idiot and they won’t get anywhere in this world.

    I encourage YYG to increase the price of GM if it means they have money to make new upgrades.

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