GMC V2 Up and Running

If you haven’t noticed already, the new GMC is up and running here.

So far everything seems to be running smoothly and the database appears to have been moved over successfully.

We’ll keep you up to date one we have more info. Also we’re now looking into the compatibility of the GMC extension with the new board.

GMC Anticipation

The Game Maker Community Forums are now off-line, which we can only assume means the much anticipated forum upgrade is on it’s way, and soon.

The temporary closed message reads

[YoYo Games Logo]

The GMC has been taken offline temporarily. We apologise for the inconvenience.

— The GMC team.

All links that reference topics or posts no longer point to a web page (indicating there is no forum at the address at the moment).

We’ll try to keep you up to date as soon as we have more information.

Note to GMC Extension users: It is likely the extension will experience some minor technical difficulties once the switchover is made. If the extension is not working as expected, please email with the details of what feature is not working, and we’ll try to correct the problem as soon as we have time. If the extension fails to work completely, we may have to perform a system wide shutdown and keep it off-line until we can correct all the errors. Thanks for your patience.