GMTV Issue 3

In keeping with the current trend of late publications, Game Maker TV Issue 3 has been released, at long last. This comes along with a new site, which is a relief to many Cute-News haters.

The issue centers around reviews of 10 games from the YoyoGames Winter Contest that the GMTV staff rated the best. With almost 30 minutes total running time, Eggers does a thorough job of critiquing each game, and the gameplay footage is actually fun to watch, although the sound levels could be better. The rest of the show features Yours Truly mumbling his way through GMTV’s first interview.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth your while to watch the show. The quality of the issues has been improving drastically with every release, and this one is no exception. The music is far better, the on-screen dialogs are good, and the flow is an improvement, although there is room for a lot more.

(But personally, I enjoyed the credits more than the whole show.)


5 Responses

  1. The music you heard in the Intro and in the Adverts was my doing =]

  2. That music (chiptune) is availbale on

    R u sure that u made it?
    I used it before

  3. Yo. I helped out with this episode, u can find my name in the credits. I was that annoying robot voice who said the number of the game before they reviewed it.

    And I recognized that music from Slime Online…

  4. I post my music on, and Danny showed me a link to a user CLAIMING to have made the music peice. I have emailed him and i have gotten a response statting that “Hi, Are you sure you made it? cause im sure i made it. Please Respond” Now i dont know what this guy is trying to prove but i did create the music. Im angry and honored im angry because someone has stolen my music and claimed that its theres. Im honored because they thought my music was good enough to steal. Also i would like to state this is a very old music piece, there description they wanted meet the type of that music piece.

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