New GMC Screenshot and GM Writeup

In case you hadn’t noticed, Chronic released a screenshot of the new prototype GMC skin. It has been received enthusiastically at the GMC, which is probably quite a relief to the much-bashed YoYo Games staff. At the moment, Chronic is focusing his efforts on re-working the header banner image of the new design and is considering a couple of user created designs, one of which is Scorptek’s own (see screenshot here).

Also, xot posted an interesting topic linking to Jason Rohrer’s Game Design Sketchbook blog, where he speaks very highly of Game Maker’s RAD abilities.

“Perfectionism was supposed to be a 1-week prototype. To implement the game, I used Game Maker, and this was my first experience with the tool (I programmed all of my previous games in C++ and used OpenGL or SDL for graphical displays). I was shocked at how much I accomplished in a mere 16-hours of logged development time, and I’ll just state it flat out: Game Maker is an astounding piece of software.”


2 Responses

  1. New skin looks cool 🙂

  2. Skin looks good but it will take some time till I get used to it.
    Jason Rohrer’s comments on GM are quite obvious in my opinion. They’re the most important reasons why I’m still around with GM.
    Kind regards,

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