Game Maker Magazine Issue 2

Another Game Maker publication has been released; this time it’s Game Maker Magazine Issue 2.

While still not comparable to MarkUp or GMTech, GMM Issue 2 has improved massively over Issue 1. With a style very reminiscent of GMTech, it promotes interviews with Edge and FredFredrickson, the Making of Bloopie “so far”, and an enormous logo of Adobe Reader 8.

My suggestions for Game Maker Magazine:

  • Get a proofreader. The spelling and grammar mistakes are rampant.
  • Pick deeper topics. This obviously requires more work, but it would be better to have a shorter magazine with stronger content than your current 27 pages of stretched material.
  • Unify your style. It’s not bad – certainly an improvement – but certain aspects seem out of place, such as the red labels in the top-right.
  • Although this isn’t much of a magazine, it is making progress. One can only hope the next issue will be better.


    2 Responses

    1. Personally, I’d rather see them go and help GMTech than have 4 separate magazines: MarkUp, GMTech, GNAzine, GMM. It hurts the reader when their attention is divided like this. Not to mention the wasted overlap that could have made one of the open magazines like MarkUp or GMTech better instead.

      Just my two cents.

    2. Now Robin i asked GMT if i could be apart of there team but they turned me down saying that i was’ent good enough, so i thourght that i will reselect issue 01 that i had made prior to the job application turn down.

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