GMC: Complete Revamp

As a result of many on-going discussions, suggestions, and complaints from the community, YoYo Games has finally decided to upgrade the GMC forums to the latest version of the Invision Power Board software.

There have been over 20 major and minor upgrades in between the current version and the new version of the forum software, so there will definitely be a noticeable difference when the forums are ‘reborn’.  If all goes well, the board should be updated within the next week or so.

Along with the software update, YoYo Games will also be switching over to new hardware, specifically a Quad Core server with 8 GB of ram (up from 2 GB). Hopefully this will completely irradicate the server busy and MySQL overload errors which have become increasingly apparent over the past few months. There will also be an allotment of up to 10 Terabytes of bandwidth (per month), which should be more than enough to handle the GMC forums for now and years to come.

So far everything is up and running on the trial server, and it looks like the upgrade should be ‘good to go’ shortly. Currently the only set-back is modifying some of the admin tools (such as the custom built reporting system) so they are fully compatible with the new software version.

It’s also worth mentioning that the GMC will be taking on a new look. It will be skinned to be more integrated with the rest of the YoYo Games site, meaning the forums are likely to take on a green tinge.


14 Responses

  1. Dang it!! I liked that theme… 😦 other than that, sounds good!

  2. I think you’ll still be able to select the IPB default skin (which is similar to the current GMC one), but don’t count on it just yet. Also, the Scorptek GMC Extension (with Karma) will also be updated to provide custom skinning for the new GMC, I’m sure we’ll be adding a ‘Classic GMC’ custom skin for the retro enthusiasts.

  3. nice……..finally I can at least worry less about the MySQL errors that pops up casually………although I would like to know more about the 20 major and minor differences………..

  4. anon: that’s not changes, that’s versions.

    Look at these boards for examples:

  5. I look forward to the new forums.

  6. “although I would like to know more about the 20 major and minor differences”
    Not differences it is IPB versions

  7. They were running on 2 GB of RAM? Dang, no wonder the GMC didn’t perform too well.

  8. Now if only they would give us some more pm space.

  9. Why do you even need so much PM space?

  10. I dont need it. I have though used up my pm space. I do archive it (with the gmc extension) but dont want to depend on it.
    It would be nice to be able to keep some more messages

  11. I’m just hoping they avoid using the Matrix-green links currently tarnishing the YYG forums. Light green on white? My eyes.

  12. Не ожидал..Обама то победил на выборах!

  13. друзья, а как вы думаете, когда наступит дефолт в России ? имхо после нового года 😦

  14. Сегодня буду болеть за Московских Армейцев ! Вперёд, НАШИ ! 😉

    также, жду не дождусь, 10 декабря. когда Реал Мадрид против зенита….

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