GM Competition Update

In the PR flap following the release of Game Maker 7, several independent projects were started as Game Maker replacements. Despite a considerable amount of skepticism, some of them have made noticeable progress. Here’s a report on their status.


The current incarnation of the abandoned G-Java project, G-Creator plans to allow users to make Java games through an easy function set similar to Game Maker’s. Written in Java by TGMG and some others, it plans to support nearly every platform imaginable. Although it is not currently possible to compile a game with it, the IDE is nearly complete. It is currently at “Milestone 1”, which is a buggy demonstration of the new interface.

Screenshot of G-Creator Aurora Release


Much fuss was generated on 64Digits about this project by JoshDreamland, DFortun81 and others. It has the distinction of having actually compiling a game, which, although it was non-interactive, executed at a very respectable clip. It’s development seems rather chaotic, but it currently has objects, variable classes and a GML parser. A release of some sort is expected in late March.

ENIGMA is modeled closely after GM with an almost identical Win32 interface (which will most likely be replaced with a GTK interface) and GML support. Its biggest feature is that it translates GML to C++, so it can produce compiled games and users can edit their games directly in C++. ENIGMA plans to have Linux support.

ENIGMA Game Screenshot (No interface screenshot because the current GUI uses GM’s icons, which are copyrighted.)


Not much is known about this project by GearGod, codenamed Azíel. It will probably be XNA-based, which would make it Windows-only, unlike the other projects discussed here.

Screenshot of Azíel

Lateral Game Maker (LGM)

Although this isn’t exactly a competitor to GM, IsmAvatar and TGMG’s cross-platform IDE supports reading and writing of Game Maker’s editable files. Most of the work on this to date has been focused on the file formats, and other projects have been built largely upon IsmAvatar’s documentation of GM’s file formats. This is not the only attempt at a third-party IDE, but it is the only one with a chance of being released anytime soon.

The GUI is mostly done, the file formats are completely done, and the program is very usable (the sprite editor is the most noticeable exception). The creators “do not believe in a release date.”

Screenshot of LateralGM

Although these projects are infants compared to Game Maker, they will certainly make for an interesting year.


15 Responses

  1. Wow, didn’t know there were so much projects running. I knew a bit about the whole G-Java thing, but as for the rest, never heard of it.

    Maybe because I don’t spend much time outside the GMC and YoYo 😉

  2. There’s even more believe me.

  3. Never heard of Azíel before or Lateral Game Maker (LGM).

  4. Hooray for ENIGMA!

  5. Well, I never though GearGod would try to make one, but I know its GearGod because its named “Super GM Killer”…..hehehehe

  6. Actually TGMG isn’t helping with LGM anymore. He stopped helping about 2 years ago. Since then we’ve picked up Clam and Quadduc, and they’ve been phenomenal assets to the LGM team.

    Also, you should add the Event Selector into that screenshot.

  7. G-Creator Milestone 2 will arrive soon. However, we still don’t know how soon will that be.

    It surprises me that you haven’t mentioned Stencyl and yet you mentioned Aziel, which is far harder to discover(in fact, I didn’t know about it until I’ve seen it here).

  8. I didn’t mention it because I wanted to focus on the “homegrown” projects.

  9. I can’t seem to find info about Aziel anywhere else. Where did you find it?

  10. Straight from the source probably. GearGod’s told a select few people that he’s been working on a project which he considered a “Super GM Killer”. Now granted, I’ve been talking to him a bit, and he never told me he was using codename “Aziel”, but I’ve known for some time that he was working on a project.

  11. The codename was originally announced on a (now deleted) 64Digits blog.

  12. Isn’t stencyl a “homegrown” project?

  13. Wow, this is really interesting! LGM and G-Creator seem the best in my opinion. I love Linux and would love to make my games Linux compatible.

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    If you wish to advertise your website link, contact

  14. In that case someone is interested, G-Creator Milestone 2 will be released on 28th April.

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