YYG: Explains II

Sandy Duncan, spokesperson for YoYo Games has further explained the company’s announcement earlier this week regarding decompilers and the Mac version of Game Maker.

Specifically, Sandy points out that they are taking extra care in protecting game authors from decompilers and source extractors in the future versions of Game Maker and makes special note to the fact that once the runner engine is re-written in C++, it should become much harder for hackers to find ways to extract resources from the executables.

Regarding the Game Maker for Macintosh project, nicked ‘Apple GM’, Sandy explains that the Macintosh version will be completely separate to the Windows software, and in order for your game to run on both, you’ll have to create two separate executables. However Sandy also continues by hinting toward the fact that the Instant Play feature on the YoYo Games website could be set-up to run games on both PCs and Macs, but this has yet to be confirmed at this point.

As for GM8, Sandy made it quite clear that it will NOT be released within the next 12 months, making this a good time to post an idea in the GM8 Suggestion Box

Finally, last but not least, Game Maker has decided to sell  a stake in the company to some institutional investors to help fund further development in Game Maker, and to get more staff at the help desk 🙂 . Approximately $5 M is expected to be put toward Game Maker and YoYo Games over the next couple of years.


3 Responses

  1. So I’m still not clear about the Apple GM thing. I know that the executables won’t be compatible with both OSs, which is obvious and anyone with even a little computer knowledge should know that. But what about file compatibility? Will we be able to open or convert GM6 and GM7 files to the Mac version? I sure hope so.

  2. I’m still waiting on clarification, but when I said they would require separate separate executables, I was implying that it may be required to ‘compile’ the executable on the actual MAC version of GM rather than being able to just create both executables on the one program.

    I’m still waiting on confirmation, although I’m hoping they’ll develop some sort of Windows converter utility.

  3. I’d think that’d be the one benefit to not being compiled; being able to stick the encrypted game data to the end of anything they like, for any platform they like.

    But doing that just makes it easier for me to keep up. So more power to them.

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