Mag: Russell’s Quarterly

A new game magazine has popped up on the GMC today entitled Russell’s Quartely. It is quite comprehensive and includes 74 pages worth of articles, game reviews and more. Although it could be considered a little heavy on the text side, it is probably worth a read or at least a scan through.

It can be downloaded here: quarterly1.pdf

Unlike most of the other magazines that pop-up now and again on the site, this one does not specifically focus on Game Maker related content, although it does include reviews of the following Game Maker games: Hunter’s Island – The Calvalier’s Challenge (p.51), Fedora Spade (p.56), Death Worm (p.68), and Shush (p.70)

The editor, Tom Russell, does point out however that future editions are likely to include more Game Maker content and reviews can be done upon request.

tidbit: Russell joined the GMC exactly 1 year ago from today (the release date of the magazine), intentional or coincidental?


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  1. very interesting, looks good. [off topic] yay first post

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